Quick as a Hawk

Stuttgart’s Hawk supercomputer has set a new German standard in speed.

Huawei’s Berlin Flagship

The Chinese tech giant is opening global flagship store on Berlin’s luxury boulevard Kurfürstendamm.

Germany – 3D Printing Powerhouse

The European Patent Office (EPO) puts Germany at the top of Europe and second in world in the future-oriented sector of additive manufacturing (AM), commonly known as 3D printing.

German Music-Making A Sound Investment

What sounds great and is worth upwards of €1bn? Germany’s music making industry, which spans everything from Bechstein pianos to digital tools that can simulate any instrument under the sun. Check it out in our new video.

A Certain Musical Genius

German music technology is used by major international artists and respected around the world. Even so, many music tech start-ups with clever and cutting-edge products are suffering from a general lack of investment.

3D Printing Providing Quick Solutions to Covid-19 Crisis

Additive manufacturing technologies have an important role to play in the supply of materials in the corona crisis, with urgently needed components being produced in short lead times.

Tech Centers Berlin and Munich

If you’re looking for technology and artificial intelligence experts, you should start in Berlin and Munich. That’s according to data from Internet jobs platform LinkedIn.

Faster 3D Printing

3D printing is set to get a whole lot faster. Eight times faster, to be precise.

Germany Pumps Extra €500m into AI

The German government ups support for artificial intelligence by half a billion euros.

German Electronics Buck Economic Uncertainty

German electronic exports and imports up markedly in Q1 2019.