Top Investment 2021 in Saxony

The Vodafone Group announced that it will establish a global competence center for research, development, and innovation in Dresden.

Germany Selects Microelectronics Projects for Special Funding

The German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action has picked 32 business endeavors, with an investment volume of more than EUR 10 billion, to take part in the EU-wide IPCEI (Important Project of Common European Interest) for microelectronics and communications technology.

Semiconductor Self-Sufficiency in Europe

With growing global demand for computer chips amid a post-corona supply shortage, Germany and Europe are building up their domestic capacity. International electronics companies are positioning themselves to take advantage of the developments.

Germany’s Quantum Future

Faster, more powerful and smarter – that’s what Germany is aiming to become by supporting the development of quantum supercomputers. International quantum hardware and application companies are starting to take notice.

“Companies are thinking about how to reduce supply-chain dependency”

Restricted mobility due to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent supply bottlenecks have underscored the advantages of 3D printing – and that’s not the technology’s only benefit.

Printing the Future in 3D

3D printing was once just a convenient, if expensive, way to construct prototypes and a niche for gadget lovers. No longer. Thanks to Germany’s technological expertise and its broad industrial landscape, additive manufacturing is now a USD 12.6 billion market with plenty of opportunities for international businesses.

Dresden Project Uses AI to Improve Semiconductor Production

Making microchips requires completely sterile environments and lots of ultrapure water. That always meant, in turn, that the control valves for such water had to be laboriously monitored by human beings. But not any more.

Germany Cleans Up in EU Microchip Funding

The European Union’s 4.6-billion-euro ECSEL (Electronics Components and Systems for European Leadership) program has funded its final 14 projects, and 13 of them feature German participation.

Munich’s 5G Tech Lab

The place to be for young entrepreneurs into 5G right now is Munich’s Wayra 5G Tech Lab, a project created by the Telefónica/O2’s in-house start up accelerator, Wayra Germany.

Germany Gets First 3D-Printed House

The town of Beckum is the location of the first-ever domestic residence in country that was made by additive manufacturing.