Tourist Buses in Berlin Go Green

Beginning in 2019, a group of companies plans to convert former Berlin buses that are currently being used for tourists, switching out their diesel drives for electric ones


The Berlin-based startup GreenPack is now offering 48 V interchangeable batteries that can be charged and used in clusters for a range of vehicles and equipment (e.g., lawnmowers).

Going Green on Germany’s Catwalks

As far back as the 1970s, some of today’s global German brands began establishing themselves as a symbol for sustainability.

Hello to Green Hydrogen

The green hydrogen economy in Eastern Germany is a key element in Germany’s plan to transition to renewable energy sources by 2020. The HYPOS cluster demonstrates how hydrogen can be a safe, cost-effective and widely-used energy carrier.

Green Bricks

Germany will not be able to meet its climate targets by increasing renewable energy production alone: energy efficiency must also be progressed. The drive towards greener buildings is creating numerous opportunities in the construction and HVAC sectors.

Recycling per App

The Hamburg-based startup Resourcify GmbH advances digitalization in the recycling and waste-management sectors.

Largest Battery in Europe

The “EnspireME” battery will supply reserve capacity to the European electricity grid to guarantee its 50-hertz frequency.

Germany’s Energy »Moon Landing«

Focus on WindNODE: a ground-breaking test case for the generation, use and storage of fluctuating renewable energy.