AI’s Time Has Come

German companies, researchers and developers are pioneering the disruptive AI applications of the future.Little wonder foreign investment is flowing into German R&D.

Artificial Intelligence Will Save Lives

The Chinese startup Infervision is hoping to transform the healthcare market all over Europe and prove that thinking machines can save lives.

Milestone in German E-Health

A new milestone will be reached this August in the digital transformation of the German healthcare system, when statutory and private health insurance companies launch “Vivy,” the country’s first electronic health record.

»The German market is currently extremely lucrative«

Interview with Dr. Marcus Schmidt

Healthy Outlook

Germany is a key market for foreign medical technology companies, with a myriad of opportunities.

»Come to Germany to be a world leader«

Interview with Sebastian Gaiser, Policy Advisor at Johnson & Johnson

“SmartLAB” Network Wants to Digitize

“SmartLAB” is looking for foreign companies to get involved in product development.

Boom for IT providers

A new law will promote the digitization of the healthcare market in Germany, opening up many exciting new business opportunities for companies.