Medtecs Head List of German Start-Up Financing Winners

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic restrictions, some companies managed to buck the trend and reel in some serious capital. Not surprisingly, they were led by medtechs, including the two firms widely known for working on Covid-19 vaccines.

Public German Insurers Accept Apps

October 6, 2020 will go down a watershed in the German healthcare system, as for the first time public insurers approved reimbursement to patients for apps prescribed by their doctors.

Medtech: Covering an Exploding Market

Germany’s market for medical technology – worth EUR 38 billion in 2019 – was already one of the largest in the world before the coronavirus. But the arrival of Covid-19 brought exponential growth in demand for German medical solutions.

German Pharma Shifts Gear

In the global race to deal with Covid-19, Germany’s extensive network of pharmaceutical companies are involved in major international collaborations and are benefiting from generous government support. German pharma is driving digitalization forward.

Doctors on Call

Telemedicine in Germany has made the leap from maybe-someday to must-have, and the sector continues to evolve at “corona crisis speed.”

39-Minute Corona Test

Speed is of the essence in combatting the coronavirus pandemic, and German conglomerate Bosch is doing its bit with a new test it says will shorten the time needed to obtain result from 2.5 hours to 39 minutes.

Anti-Corona Antibodies

Scientists at Berlin’s Charité Research Hospital say that they have identified antibodies that can protect against the coronavirus.

A New Voize

A voice-activated data app aims to make life a lot easier for carers.

One to Watch: Lidia Nachbaur, managing director of Qventis

An office, a lab and EUR 50,000 – that’s all Lidia Nachbaur needed to start Qventis, a medical devices firm in Hennigsdorf, a small town in the state of Brandenburg, outside Berlin.

Digital Respiratory Treatment

More than 600 million people around the world suffer from chronic respiratory ailments, with over 3.5 million of them dying every year. Inhalation treatments are one effective response, but only if they’re used properly. To this end, German startup VisionHealth has developed an app, called Kata®, to ensure the procedures are carried out correctly.