Resin Record

Europe’s largest facility for producing industrial hydrocarbon resin opened in August 2019 in the western German town of Castrop-Rauxel.

acCELLerating the Future

Assay ready cells are cells that have been cryopreserved at a highly functional state and can be used instantly after thawing, making them a valuable tool in drug research. But many questioned their usefulness. Hamburg company acCELLerate wasn’t deterred.

Self-Med Headquarters

The city of Schwerin is getting an injection of new business: Swiss medical company Ypsomed has opened a new production facility in the northern German town.

Millions for E-Health

Doctolib – a French company that expanded to Berlin in 2016 – has raised €150 million in a second round of funding and is now a unicorn with an estimated value of more than €1 billion.

Smart Hospitals in Germany

With aging populations and increasing demand for medical services, AI and other digital innovations are going to become a crucial part of the healthcare of the future. Check out our video on smart hospitals.

Germany Trade & Invest at the MEDICA

Germany is Europe’s number one healthcare market by volume: Patients, manufacturers and providers power a life science industry composed of thriving medical technology, pharmaceuticals, medical biotechnology, and digital health sectors.

Welcome to the Smart Hospital

Day-to-day life in medical centers will be completely transformed by digitalization in coming years. German hospitals are at the forefront of the digital transformation, the healthcare market in Germany is booming and foreign investors are flocking.

Hospitals are Becoming Smart Hospitals

Pierre-Michael Meier, general manager of Entscheiderfabrik, strongly believes that clinics should develop new digital business models in order to stay competitive and keep up with innovations in healthcare.

Healing Architecture

It has long been known that the form of hospital rooms influences patient wellbeing. Now this concept has a name: ‘healing architecture.’ A new U.S. military hospital under construction at Ramstein Air Base is a prime example.

Intelligent Revolution

The healthcare industry is charging forward when it comes to artificial intelligence applications and attracting investment globally. Germany’s research institutes are among the world leaders in this field.