Innovative EV Charger Makes Own Electricity

With charging infrastructure being a major challenge to the spread of e-mobility, ME Energy’s solution could be a game changer.

Putting the E in E-Mobility

Batteries are the heart of the electric vehicle revolution. Previously, Asian imports of lithium-ion batteries dominated the European market, but production is now shifting to Europe – and Germany in particular. That means big changes and chances.

FDI Perspective: A New Giant in the East

The construction of Tesla’s Gigafactory just outside of Berlin has prompted a flood of inquiries for e-mobility-related investments in the eastern German state of Brandenburg.

Bremen Space Expertise Helping Power NASA Moon Mission

Three years from now, when NASA’s Orion spacecraft heads for the moon, technology made in northern Germany will help it get there.

How Does the German Auto Industry Work?

Ever since Carl Friedrich Benz invented the world’s first internal-combustion engine automobile in 1885, the car industry has been integral to the German economy.

German New Space Startups Double Capital Intake

Germany’s leading industrial association, the BDI, has found that the country’s new space technology market truly is taking off. In a new study, the BDI documented EUR 308 million taken in by the sector in 2020 – nearly double the sum raised in 2019.

VW to Invest in Wind and Solar Power Facilities

German automotive giant Volkswagen says it will put EUR 40 million into the construction of solar and wind energy parks between now and 2025. The carmaker describes the investment as its contribution to help meet additional needs for green energy as part of Germany’s transition to electric mobility.

Meet EVA – the latest member of Germany’s growing drone sector

EVA is a cutting-edge drone infrastructure company that recently set up shop just outside of Berlin. Here’s what they say about where they fit into the German unmanned aerial vehicle market and what Germany and its capital are like as business locations.

Milestones for Isar Aerospace Carrier Rockets

One of Germany’s promising young “new space” companies, Isar Aerospace, entered a new stage on April 13, 2021 when it completed its first entirely in-house-produced rocket engine. And as if that weren’t enough, the firm has also announced an exclusive partnership with Norwegian rocket launch pad Andøya Space.

German Drone Market Reaches New Altitudes

Germany’s market for unmanned aerial vehicles is expanding exponentially as more and more applications for drones are developed. The sector is projected to be worth €3 billion in the near future. Plus it’s a heck of a lot of fun.