Green Cars for Africa

The aCar from Evum Motors of Munich aims to meet the cargo and passenger transportation needs of rural populations in developing countries such as those in sub-Saharan Africa.

LORD’s Work

US technology and manufacturing company LORD Corporation is investing 14 million euros to expand operations at its facility in Hückelhoven in western Germany.

Air Taxis

Munich start-up Lilium has carried out a successful initial test flight of a prototype for the world’s first all-electric, vertical-take-off-and-landing air taxi.

Bitterfeld Batteries

Leading international lithium-ion battery maker Farasis is opening up a major production facility for electric automobile batteries near Bitterfeld in the eastern German state of Saxony-Anhalt.

Prepare for Takeoff

Electric flight is still in its infancy as an industry, but the technology is similar to that used in e-mobility and autonomous driving. Germany’s SMEs will be the engine of innovation bringing us e-taxis and the unmanned flight solutions of tomorrow.

Quick Chargers

Researchers recently unveiled a prototype of an ultra-fast charging station on the Autobahn A8. It has a capability of 450 kW – a huge improvement over the mere 42 kW of 90% of all charging stations in Germany.

Fly Me to the Moon

In a position paper entitled “Space – the Future Market,” the Federation of German Industry BDI argues that the final frontier is poised to become crucial to German industry.

Charging Networks for Electric Vehicles

As the German government and car manufacturers try to get more electric vehicles on the road, massive efforts are being made to ensure that charging stations for these vehicles are plentiful, ubiquitous and fast.

Recognition Technology

Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH has been developing recognition-technology and lidar (short for “light detection and ranging”) systems for two decades.