Self-Learning Algorithms Help

Brokering “Truck-cess”: online matchmaking for the right carrier at the right price.

Game On

The gaming industry in Germany is enjoying exponential growth, driven by diversification of platforms and new niches, as well as a surge in “middle-youth” players. With investment opportunities opening up across multiple niches, the virtual world offers real returns.

“Factory 56:” the Future of Car Production

Mercedes-Benz is building “Factory 56” which will define a new way of building cars.

Logistics News

New distribution center for Amazon, and property development in eastern Germany.

Welcome to the Cluster Republic

Clusters are high-tech hubs and ideal entry points for foreign companies that want to innovate.

Carbon-fiber Musclepower

The groundbreaking cluster MAI Carbon set itself the ambitious goal of developing carbon fiber-reinforced plastics that could be mass-produced by 2020. Here’s how its members are revolutionizing production processes to reach that target.

Alliance of Rivals

BMW and Daimler made interesting announcement.