Norwegian Networking

Berlin got a royal visit in May as Crown Prince Haakon of Norway launched a German version of the Norwegian networking platform The Explorer. The launch took place as part of the GreenTech Festival in the German capital, where three Norwegian firms were nominated for Green Awards.

Change of the Guard

For the first time ever, in 2018, Germans made more telephone calls on mobile phones than over landlines.

Prepare for Takeoff

Electric flight is still in its infancy as an industry, but the technology is similar to that used in e-mobility and autonomous driving. Germany’s SMEs will be the engine of innovation bringing us e-taxis and the unmanned flight solutions of tomorrow.

New Cancer Test

Researchers at the University of Erlangen in Bavaria in southern Germany have developed a screening method for cancer that just requires a blood test.

Quick Chargers

Researchers recently unveiled a prototype of an ultra-fast charging station on the Autobahn A8. It has a capability of 450 kW – a huge improvement over the mere 42 kW of 90% of all charging stations in Germany.

Fly Me to the Moon

In a position paper entitled “Space – the Future Market,” the Federation of German Industry BDI argues that the final frontier is poised to become crucial to German industry.

Closing the E-Mobility Loop: An Unparalleled German USP

It is a strategic imperative that environmental sustainability become a hallmark of European battery manufacturing and European e-mobility.

Environmental Sector in Germany Grows 5.7%

Business in environmental products and services is booming.

Germany Pumps Extra €500m into AI

The German government ups support for artificial intelligence by half a billion euros.