Green Shipping

As a sign of a greener future, the world’s first cruise ship to be powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) departed on its maiden voyage.

Mapping the Ocean Floor

Satellite technology has allowed us to map the Earth’s surface and parts of the heavens, but 95 percent of the ocean floor is yet to be mapped.

Trucks Without Truckers

Daimler delivered some big news at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Hamburg-Based Fintechs Thriving

The city’s finance industry – which enjoys a very long tradition – is already home to 45 fintechs, 50 banks and 30 ecosystem players, which together employ some 50,000 people.

Major Topics of Germany Trade & Invest in 2019

GTAI places three issues at the center of its acitivities.

Saxony’s “White Petroleum”

The discovery of substantial lithium reserves in old mines in Saxony promises lucrative investment opportunities for foreign companies. The mineral is a vital component in the batteries and fuel cells that will power the e-transportation revolution.

Desalinating Seawater with Solar Power

Cheap, clean water for far-flung places.

Designing in Success

Germany is a major market for consumer goods and one that foreign manufacturers are keen to crack. But brands beware! Only products that follow the right design principles will satisfy the discerning German consumer.

Converting Telephone Booths to Charging Stations

The stations will be housed in some of the roughly 20,000 telephone columns and booths as well as gray cable distribution boxes, which have grown less necessary as consumers increasingly migrate to mobile telephony.