Electric Trucks

Silicon Valley and Germany’s industrial Ruhr Valley are teaming up – to produce electric transport vehicles.

Testing Autonomy

The German capital Berlin has equipped a stretch of road to test autonomous and networked driving.

Smart Hospitals in Germany

With aging populations and increasing demand for medical services, AI and other digital innovations are going to become a crucial part of the healthcare of the future. Check out our video on smart hospitals.

Foreign Credit

Foreign banks in Germany have the highest growth rates in terms of commercial credit lines. That’s the conclusion of a study carried out by Fox Corporate Finance (FCF).

Home Networking

One of the major challenges to creating the digitally networked home of the future is how to get various devices and applications to communicate with each other. But two German start-ups – Conrad Connect and iHaus – are working on apps that will control everything from ceiling lights to shutters, door locks to electrical outlet timers.

Autonomous Flight Testing

Stuttgart University is heading a project aiming to support the development of energy-efficient, electric, autonomous flight by establishing two testing areas in southern Germany.

German IT Security Spending Reaches All-Time High

IT security expenditures in 2019 projected to rise a whopping 10%.

Recycling CO2

When environmentalists talk about carbon dioxide, it’s most about how to reduce it. But what if the greenhouse gas could be recycled into something beneficial?

Blockchain and the Bundesrepublik

The federal German government has announced a new blockchain strategy, aimed at exploiting the opportunities represented by this technology and enlisting them to drive the digital transformation of the country.

Surging Online Sales

The German Association of e-commerce says that consumers spent around 17.36 billion euros on online purchases in the second quarter of 2019 – that was 11.3 percent more than in the same period in 2018.