Innovative EV Charger Makes Own Electricity

With charging infrastructure being a major challenge to the spread of e-mobility, ME Energy’s solution could be a game changer.

Simulating Taste With Smell

Fledgling Munich company air up is making waves in the beverage sector with a flavored water that, strictly speaking, contains no taste at all.

Germany Puts €2 Billion into Quantum Computing

The German government has announced a massive five-year investment intended to bolster competitive quantum computer technology and create a surrounding eco-system for users.

Germany’s Smart Cities = Business Opportunities

Urban​ planners love talking about them – but what are Smart Cities​, actually? Why are they so popular in Germany​? And can this trend be a business opportunity​ for you? Our video has the answers.

A Powerful Green Innovation

Across the country, there are hosts of start-ups developing cutting-edge solutions in the energy sector. Instagrid, a company from Ludwigsburg in southwest Germany which makes clean portable power solutions, is one example of German creativity in the area.

Ex-Bundesliga Star Developing “Smart Football”

As a player, Fabian Ernst was a standout for Schalke, Hamburg and Bremen and won 24 caps for Germany. Now as a co-founder of the start-up Sport Technology Systems, the 41-year-old wants to impact the game of football in a different sense.

Test Success: Making Glass with Green Hydrogen

The Kopernikus Projekte P2X, an initiative of the German Ministry of Research and Education, says that for the first time ever glass has been made using green hydrogen as a heat source. That was after an eight-week test run at a factory operated by German glassmaker SCHOTT.

Germany Invests €11 million in Drone Research

The German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is launching a new EUR 11 million assistance program for “innovative aerial mobility.”

Hamburg Port Goes (Artificially) Intelligent

Europe’s third largest port in the northern German city of Hamburg is taking a novel tack to try to increase efficiency. The shipping center on the Elba River has teamed up with the Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services (Fraunhofer CML) to introduce AI into its handling of massive container ships.

Germany Trails Only US in European Patents

The European Patent Office (EPO) says that Germans filed more applications in 2020 than people from any other nation except the United States.