Dresden’s Surgical Robots

Modeling and implementing the use of artificial intelligence during operations.

Therapy Ball

Helping dementia sufferers to reconnect and engage or relax.

Battery Changing Could Solve EV Charging Challenge

One of the hurdles to making electric vehicles the rule rather than the exception is the time required to recharge them. Chinese-German firm Infra-Dianba, headquartered in Berlin, wants to solve the problem by simply replacing drained batteries with full ones.

German H2 Heavy Vehicle Motor to Enter Serial Production

German heavy vehicle manufacturer Deutz has announced it will bring its first-ever hydrogen-powered motor to the market.

German Couple Develop “SAP for SMEs”

Xentral Software, the brainchild of Claudia and Benedict Sauter from the southern German city of Augsburg, may be aimed at smaller businesses. But the waves it’s making are surprisingly big.

Maximizing Minimally Invasive Surgery

The specialist but lucrative German market for minimally invasive surgery is increasingly open to small and medium-sized players from all over the globe. Government support at the national and regional level is boosting this trend.

Profits from Industrial Smokestacks

The global environmental focus is on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But a forward-looking initiative from the Fraunhofer Institute and steel manufacturer thyssenkrupp is investigating how to use CO2 as a raw material.

BioNTech Eyes Anti-Malaria Vaccine

The German co-developer of one of the world’s leading coronavirus vaccines, BioNTech, is training its sights on other infectious diseases, including malaria. In late July, the company from the southwestern city of Mainz launched its “malaria project” that aims produce a safe and effective vaccine by the end of 2022.

3-D Spatial Analysis from Eastern Germany

A private company, a respected university and the police in the eastern regional state of Saxony-Anhalt have come up with a digital 3D analysis system to help emergency responders better deal with crisis situations such as terrorist attacks, fires and natural catastrophes.

Germany Gets First 3D-Printed House

The town of Beckum is the location of the first-ever domestic residence in country that was made by additive manufacturing.