Hamburg, “Hidden Champions” Set Tone For German Smart Cities

The 2022 Smart City Index, published every year by Germany’s digital trade association, Bitkom, features a few surprises, but not at the very summit. Coming out tops again, for the fourth straight year, was the northern German port metropolis of Hamburg with 86.1 of 100 points.

German Researchers Discover Plastic Recycling Enzyme

Scientists at the University of Leipzig have identified an enzyme, PHL7, that degrades PET plastic much more rapidly than previously believed possible. The discovery could revolutionize the recycling of PET plastic.

Smart Logistics Are on the Move

Digitalization, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are rapidly remaking the logistics and supply chain sectors. The German market for international providers of logistics solutions is heating up – stoked by the coronavirus pandemic and growth in e-commerce.

Meet Us at the ITS World Congress in Los Angeles!

Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) will be appearing together with six innovative German partner projects at the ITS World Congress in Los Angeles, held September 18-22 . There will be presentations and free consultations with GTAI experts for international transport businesses interested in exploring opportunities to expand to the heart of Europe.

German Startup Uses Moss to Cool Cities

Beating the heat – that’s become the imperative for many places in the northern hemisphere this summer. Start-up Green City Solutions from the eastern regional state of Brandenburg has come up with an interesting way to cool off urban areas.

Germany’s Digitalization Offers Big Business Opportunities

The new German government is committing serious resources make the country a digital leader. Companies like fintech unicorn Qonto are taking advantage of the new emphasis on 1s and 0s in Europe’s largest economy. Watch our video!

Measurement System Helps Farmers Cut Corners and Costs

The Stenon company from Potsdam in Brandenburg state has developed a system called FarmLab for carrying out soil analysis without having to send samples to a laboratory.

New Wind Turbine Enables Higher Altitude Operations

A 92-year-old retired mechanical engineer from Leipzig in Saxony has designed a novel wind turbine that experts say could generate up to 200 percent more electricity than conventional ones.

Novel Protein Bandage to Treat Venous Ulcers

Venous ulcers predominantly affect older people and diabetics and are a growing problem in ageing societies.

Webb Telescope: German Tech Contributes to Spectacular Images

The stunning pictures of space made by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) have caused jaws to drop across planet Earth. And they are themselves the result of a global effort including the European and Canadian space agencies.