Top Investment 2021 in Saarland

In 2021 the German-French financial group ODDO BHF has decided to open a location in Saarland`s capital Saarbrücken.

Top Investments 2021 in Hessen

Expansions and new businesses of foreign companies in Hessen.

Top Investments 2021 in Bavaria

Despite the continuing adverse impact in 2021 of the Covid pandemic on global fdi activity, Bavaria again succeeded to attract companies from around the globe.

Top Investment 2021 in Schleswig-Holstein

The Estonian Insta Globe Engineering OÜ, an internationally recognized industrial service provider for electrotechnical installations and commissioning in shipbuilding and mechanical and plant engineering, founded Insta Globe Engineering Deutschland GmbH in Kiel at the beginning of 2021.

Top Investment 2021 in Saxony

The Vodafone Group announced that it will establish a global competence center for research, development, and innovation in Dresden.

Germany Looks Set to Post Increased 2021 FDI Figures

Germany attracted 540 foreign direct business investments in the first ten months, only one fewer than in all of 2020 according to figures from Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI).

Berlin Foodtech Infarm Becomes Late 2021 Unicorn

Vertical farming company Infarm has become the latest German start-up to join the coveted club of companies worth more than USD one billion. That was after a EUR 177 million round of funding.

VC Investments in German Startups keep getting Bigger and Bigger

The raw numbers of venture capital deals for fledgling German companies may have remained constant, but the size of the investments continues to grow exponentially. To make our bi-monthly list of which start-ups raked in the most cash, companies needed to post at least EUR 125 million. This edition of the hall of entrepreneurial fame also underscores the dominance of the German capital in the start-up sector.

Why International Venture Capital has Finally Discovered Germany

According to recent figures from Internet platform Dealcom, Germany comfortably leads the EU in absolute numbers of unicorns USD one billion exits with 53.

Berlin – Where Startups Become Unicorns

Europe’s four quickest unicorns all come from Berlin – and that’s no accident. Those are two of the insights to be gleaned from the 2021 report on the state of European tech by venture capital investor Atomico.