How Celonis Became Germany’s “Most Valuable Start-Up”

Among a spate of huge recent financing rounds, this one took the cake. Munich business software provider Celonis hauled in a cool USD one billion, taking the valuation of this innovative young company up to more than USD 11 billion.

Brexodus or Stay at Home? 2020 UK-to-Germany Foreign Direct Investment

We caught up with Robert Scheid, Director of GTAI’s London Office, and asked him about larger UK-to-Germany business trends. He predicts a massive investment backlog in the years to come.

German Fintech Increases Value Sevenfold

There’s exponential growth, and then there’s this. Berlin fintech and trading app Trade Republic has just concluded a USD 900 million round of funding and is now valued at USD 5.3 billion after being rated at USD 730 million at the end of last year.

Germany Trade & Invest’s FDI Reporting 2020

Every year Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) compiles a report on all the foreign direct investment in Germany the previous year.

A Powerful Green Innovation

Across the country, there are hosts of start-ups developing cutting-edge solutions in the energy sector. Instagrid, a company from Ludwigsburg in southwest Germany which makes clean portable power solutions, is one example of German creativity in the area.

German Start-Ups Set Quarterly VC Record

Q1 2021 was one for the record books in terms of venture capital invested in German start-ups.

One to Watch: Why Simon Renard from France founded a company in Germany

He chose to locate in Jena, a small city in the eastern state of Thuringia, on account of its tradition of scientific innovation but also, he says, because “it’s a really nice place to live.”

Meet EVA – the latest member of Germany’s growing drone sector

EVA is a cutting-edge drone infrastructure company that recently set up shop just outside of Berlin. Here’s what they say about where they fit into the German unmanned aerial vehicle market and what Germany and its capital are like as business locations.

Berlin Overtakes London as Startup Heatmap’s Top European Location

The German capital is number one in Startup Heatmap’s annual survey of Europe’s best cities for fledgling companies.

Big Deals Galore for German-Based Start-Ups

Due to uncertainty amidst the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the size of financing deals for start-ups in Germany decreased somewhat. But venture capital investments have come roaring back, with a number of young companies announcing impressive hauls, particularly from foreign investors. Here’s a round-up of seven of the bigger ones.