Top Investment 2017 in Schleswig-Holstein

Energy storage is vital to maintaining a sustainable supply of energy. That’s why Eneco and Mitsubishi Corporation constructed Europe’s largest battery system: EnspireME, a subsidized project located in Jardelund, in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein. Output: 48 megawatts. Storage capacity: over 50 megawatts per hour.

German AI is A1

Munich is shaping up to be a global hub for machine learning.

One to Watch: Delivery Hero

Niklas Östberg has grown his company from a handful of restaurants in the north of Sweden into a global leader in less then ten years

Ford Focuses on Saarlouis

US auto manufacturer pumps €600m into German production.

»Come to Germany to be a world leader«

Interview with Sebastian Gaiser, Policy Advisor at Johnson & Johnson

World-Class Data Hub

French cloud-computing giant OVH has opened a new data center in the German citiy of Limburg.

Rolls-Royce Doing Well in Brandenburg

British jet engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce is comitted to its eastern German plant in Dahlewitz for the long haul.