One to Watch: Lauri Karp

EmformX offers an application programming interface (API) product and provides a platform that helps to simplify otherwise time-consuming financial and transaction data analysis.

An Algorithm for Jetlag?

Optimally adjusting the body clock.

’s no Problem

Artificial ski slopes made from mats.

Beyond The Grade

Finding the truth behind the numbers.

Beach Inspectors

A new Berlin-based startup is now making it easier for beach fans to find the perfect place to soak up some rays.

Artificial Intelligence Will Save Lives

The Chinese startup Infervision is hoping to transform the healthcare market all over Europe and prove that thinking machines can save lives.

Bike Locks Made of High-Tech Textiles

Two Leipzig-based bike fans and product developers have come up with a revolutionary solution: the Tex-lock. The locks are made of layers of high-tech, heavy-duty textiles.

The First Unicorn of Hamburg

About You, a fashion startup belonging to the Otto Group, has become Hamburg’s first “unicorn,” the name given to unlisted digital startups valued at more than USD 1 billion.

“Make my day”

The Israeli startup “Make my day” has been selected to spend six months at “Die Gläserne Manufaktur,” Volkswagen’s future mobility incubator in Dresden.