Jute Packaging

Think packaging materials, and you’ll probably automatically think of Styrofoam. That’s something Alexandra Kletzsch, and her company Kompackt61, would like to change.

Delivery Drones

The start-up Emqopter has succeeded in developing the first fully autonomous, licensed delivery drone for urban airspace.

Millions for AI Customer Service

The online-platform Gruenderszene reports that Munich startup E-bot7 has raised a cool 5.5 million euros in fresh capital to advance and develop its smart customer-service software. The basic idea is to integrate artificial intelligence into companies’ existing customer support service, for instance, by suggesting answers to client questions.

Don’t Return to Sender

E-Commerce and mail order may be extremely fashionable, but fashion itself remains a problem area. In Germany 40 percent of all clothing ordered online is sent straight back to sellers, often because it doesn’t fit.

One Price Fits All

Transferring money between currencies usually involves often hefty bank fees. But if Frankfurt start-up Giroxx gets its way, excessive-seeming surcharges could soon be a thing of the past.

Ms. European Tech Champion

The start-up scene in Germany, as is the case elsewhere, can be a very male-dominated domain. But Munich entrepreneur Monja Mühling is used to being the only woman at investor conferences.

Agents of Disruption

The online real estate platform McMakler has attracted 50 million euros in venture capital – a record for a proptech start-up in a single round of financing.

Seven Figures for 3DQR

Augmented reality start-up 3DQR has received an infusion of more than EUR 1 million from bmp Ventures and a business angel.

Plug and Play in Hamburg

The world’s largest start-up accelerator Plug and Play is planning to open a branch for supply chain and logistics in Hamburg. It’s the Silicon Valley company’s fifth location in Germany after Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich.

Wind to Hydrogen

One challenge connected with wind energy is what to do when turbines produce more energy than grids can handle, leading to shutdowns. The Wind to Gas Energy company in Brunsbüttel, north of Hamburg, is devoted to addressing this problem.