Top Investments 2021 in Saxony-Anhalt

In 2021, the Investment and Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt (IMG) acquired 68 new projects and helped 20 companies make the decision to move to the region, creating 2,019 new permanent jobs.

Top Investments 2021 in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Birkenstock and Huber Landtechnik GmbH invest in the north of Germany.

Top Investment 2021 in Niedersachsen

The newly founded company CORAT Therapeutics designed and developed a new antibody COR-101 for the treatment of hospitalized COVID-19 patients with a moderate to severe disease.

Top Investments 2021 in Thuringia

Thuringia overcame the challenges that the pandemic’s second year brought and continued to hone its profile as an attractive investment and technology location in the center of Germany and Europe.

Top Investments 2021 in Hamburg

With its 2021 results, Hamburg Invest managed to replicate the successful development experienced in pre-pandemic times.

Top Investments 2021 in Baden-Württemberg

Four selected top investments of the year 2021 in THE LÄND indicate: Even in the second year of the corona pandemic, Baden-Württemberg remained an attractive investment location for foreign companies – and this across a wide range of sectors.

Top Investment 2021 in Saarland

In 2021 the German-French financial group ODDO BHF has decided to open a location in Saarland`s capital Saarbrücken.

Top Investments 2021 in Hessen

Expansions and new businesses of foreign companies in Hessen.

Top Investments 2021 in Bavaria

Despite the continuing adverse impact in 2021 of the Covid pandemic on global fdi activity, Bavaria again succeeded to attract companies from around the globe.

Top Investment 2021 in Schleswig-Holstein

The Estonian Insta Globe Engineering OÜ, an internationally recognized industrial service provider for electrotechnical installations and commissioning in shipbuilding and mechanical and plant engineering, founded Insta Globe Engineering Deutschland GmbH in Kiel at the beginning of 2021.