Germany on Course for Record Number of New Approved Medications

The Association of Researching Pharmaceutical Companies (vfa) says 36 newly approved medications have been introduced to the German market in 2022. That continues the strong innovation trend from 2021, when 46 new medicines were introduced in the calendar year, vfa added.

German Researchers Discover Plastic Recycling Enzyme

Scientists at the University of Leipzig have identified an enzyme, PHL7, that degrades PET plastic much more rapidly than previously believed possible. The discovery could revolutionize the recycling of PET plastic.

Creating Oxygen from Water in Northern Germany

Scientists are using a 146-meter-tall water tower in the northern German city of Bremen for experiments to produce oxygen from water under difficult, simulated zero-gravity circumstances. The research promises a cost-effective and viable way to provide astronauts with the air they need to survive.

Measurement System Helps Farmers Cut Corners and Costs

The Stenon company from Potsdam in Brandenburg state has developed a system called FarmLab for carrying out soil analysis without having to send samples to a laboratory.

Novel Protein Bandage to Treat Venous Ulcers

Venous ulcers predominantly affect older people and diabetics and are a growing problem in ageing societies.

Munich Healthtech Funding Reaches Nearly EUR One Billion

Over the past decade, healthtech startups in the Bavarian capital have taken in just under EUR 968 million in financing – that’s according to information compiled by the website Munich Startup in its Data & Insights Dashboard.

German Scientific Discovery Could Enhance Cancer Immunotherapy

Researchers at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association (MDC) in Berlin have identified a gene, EBAG9, that “disarms” the immune response to cancer cells. By switching off the gene, scientists believe they can better harness the body’s T cells for targeted immunotherapies.

German Scientists Develop 3D Anti-Cancer Technology

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF, working with Varian Medical Systems, have come up with a novel system for tumor radiotherapy. It makes precise 3D images of tumors, so that doctors can kill cancer cells with minimal damage to surrounding tissue.

Customizing Cancer Treatments

Germany’s single-cell biotechnology sector is transforming cancer treatments by shining a light on the genetic activity of individual cells. It’s also advancing our understanding of how our immune defences respond to Covid-19.

France and Germany Fund Anti-Crisis AI Initiatives

The French and German governments are putting EUR 17.9 million into five projects aimed at using artificial intelligence to increase sustainability, identify and combat potential epidemics, and protect industry against disruptions to supply chains.