Ada Health: Strategic Partnership with Samsung

The concept of Ada Health has convinced the 500-million-euro strong Catalyst Fund at Samsung to conclude a strategic partnership with the Berlin start-up.

Anti-Ageing Cell Receptors

Increasing abdominal girth – better known as the middle-aged spread – and shrinking muscles are two unpleasant side effects of growing older. But in experiments with mice, researchers at the University of Bonn say that have identified cell “antennas,” so-called A2B receptors, that encourage the body to burn fat instead of storing it.

Better Brain Check

Researchers at Carl von Ossietsky University in the northern German city of Oldenburg have successfully tested a brain-monitoring device that could replace conventional encephalography (EEG).

Disinfecting Ambulances

Germany’s renowned Fraunhofer Institute and the vehicle equipping company BINZ Ambulance- und Umwelttechnik have come up with a system for disinfecting emergency service vehicles using UVC light.

Telemedicine is Go

New laws and a shift in thinking from medical practitioners mean the telemedicine market is expected to become increasingly dynamic in Germany in the coming years. E-healthcare will make many processes more efficient.

German Government Invests Big in CureVac

The federal government in Germany is putting up EUR 300 million to acquire a 23 percent share of biotech company CureVac. The firm from the southwestern German city of Tübingen is one of the most high-profile enterprises in the world currently research a vaccine against the coronavirus.

From Guangdong to Germany

A leading Chinese medical technology company has opened a dialysis equipment manufacturing plant in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Masks Made in Germany

More than most countries in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Germany is ramping up production of protective facial masks. An opportunity for companies working in the sector? We put that question to GTAI health expert Gabriel Flemming.

Medicinal Properties

Thanks to regulatory changes, Germany is now the third-largest market for medical cannabis in the world. There are lots of legitimate opportunities for international investors in this lucrative growth market, from growing to ready-made medications.

Connecting Carers

Champagne corks are popping at Berlin start-up Medwing as the fledgling medtech company took in EUR 28 million in series B funding. The investors were led by Cathay Capital from San Francisco – it’s the first time Cathay has invested in a German company. Also involved are the VCs Northzone, Cherry Ventures and Atlantic Labs.