Germany – The European Heart of Life Sciences

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has thrown a spotlight on the importance of world-class health industries. That’s precisely what Germany has – although there’s plenty of room for innovative international companies to do business in the country’s massive lifesciences market.

BioNTech Lifts Fortunes of Entire City

The co-developer of one of the two major m-RNA vaccines against Covid-19, BioNtech, is not only reaping the rewards of its innovative, life-saving work. It’s creating brand new possibilities in its home city, Mainz, in southwestern Germany.

“The Medtech focus is increasingly on digital”

For the first time since the corona pandemic hit Germany, the world’s leading medical technology trade fair, Medica, is returning as a live event on November 15. GTAI expert Gabriel Flemming talks about what has changed in the sector since March 2020.

Germany’s Growing Market for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Revolutionary new techniques have reduced recovery times from surgical operations to previously unimaginable levels. But as our new video shows, there’s no end to the innovations in one of the world leading healthcare markets, Germany.

Germany’s Medical Biotechnology Industry

There are a lot of reasons to set up shop in Germany, if you’ve got a medical biotechnology business. It’s the center of the sector in Europe and at the heart of the industry worldwide, as our new video discusses.

German Apps Help Fight Diabetes, Obesity

Start-up Oviva from the city of Potsdam near Berlin believes that one key to combatting conditions like diabetes, obesity and physical intolerances is nutrition. So it has come up with two apps to help people manage what they eat.

Researchers Develop Improved Covid and Other Virus Test

Scientists at Materials Research Department of GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung (Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research), working together with colleagues from Argentina and the US, have come up with a sensor that can detect SARS-Cov-2 and other virus within two hours from saliva, serum and wastewater samples.

Germany’s Life Sciences Revolution

Germany’s healthcare market is the largest in Europe, and the reputation of its universities and research institutes is second to none. Now the country is increasingly starting to exploit its potential as an innovation hub for life sciences.

FDI Perspective: TAKEDA

Japan’s biggest pharmaceutical company has two production plants in Germany: one in Baden-Württemberg, which is working on a dengue fever vaccine, and another in Oranienburg.