Industry Reboot

The death of the coal industry dealt Saarland a hammer blow. But then the region around the city of Saarbrücken remembered its strengths – its proximity to France and its broad research landscape in computer science.

Smart Thermostats

The Hamburg-based B2B start-up vilisto, which produces intelligent radiator thermostats, nabbed the German Innovation Prize for Climate and Environment this spring.

Medtech Throws City of Halberstadt a Lifeline

The future looked bleak for Halberstadt in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt – a city dependent on a dying industry. Then it became one of eastern Germany’s “model cities for reconstruction” and developed into a hub for medical technology.

Cycling Industry Back on Track

One German sector that’s been quick to recover from the effects of the coronavirus lockdown is cycling. While turnover in two-wheelers dipped as bike shops were prohibited from opening, businesses bounced back quickly when the lockdown was eased.

Combatting Migraines

Migraines seriously reduce the quality of life for millions of people, and there is unfortunately no cure. Berlin start-up Newsenselab, however, has developed an app called M-sense that helps migraine sufferers better manage their condition.

From Barracks to AI Hotspot

The economy of Kaiserslautern, a former military base, slumped after the withdrawal of American and French troops in the nineties. However, the region in Rheinland-Pfalz has reinvented itself as an attractive location for information technology and science.

From Grey to Green

Essen in North Rhine-Westphalia was once the epicenter of the coal and steel industries in Germany. Today, the Ruhr region is powering Germany’s energy revolution, and Essen’s green energy cluster has become a hotspot for innovative energy solutions.

German Ministry Invests Record Sum in Corona Vaccine Development

Germany’s Ministry of Education and Research is putting up to EUR 750 million into national efforts to develop a coronavirus vaccine. This money comes on top of what Germany is already investing in international efforts to come up with a vaccine.

Görlitz Rediscovered

For a long time, the city of Görlitz, on the border with Poland, suffered from the decline of the coal industry. But the Saxon city is being regenerated as a tourist location and is now positioning itself as an attractive real estate location with several advantages for investors and international companies.

Cleaner Fuel for Ships

German researchers have announced they are now capable of producing a novel renewable biofuel for use in ships.