Silence is Golden

MTU Aero Engines has purchased a ten-million-euro stake in the air taxi company e.Sat in the western German city of Aachen. The aircraft motor producer will be involved in the development and construction of an electro-hybrid motor for the air taxis.

Renewable Electricity Production in Germany

Germany has shattered a series of records for green electricity production in 2019. But how can companies get involved in the transition to sustainability? As our latest video shows, the opportunities go well beyond wind turbines and solar cells.

30 Years After the Wall

Three decades ago, the Berlin Wall – the enduring symbol of the Cold War – was opened, and the process of reunifying West and East Germany began. Today the six eastern states are full of success stories and unique business opportunities.

Environmental Engine

A little something for the environment every time users do an Internet search – that’s the idea behind Ecosia, the world’s first ecological search engine.

World’s Favorite Label

There’s no better label for products around the world than “Made in Germany.” That’s the conclusion of a new study carried out by the online survey platform YouGov and Cambridge University in the UK.

Tchibo Sustainability

Hamburg coffee, clothing and household goods retailer Tschibo has come up with an innovative way to promote ecological awareness.

Premier Port

Readers of the trade magazine Asia Cargo News have voted Hamburg their “Best Global Seaport” for 2019.

Air Taxis in Germany

Get ready for takeoff! What used to be fiction might soon become reality: Several companies in Germany are currently working on functioning prototypes of air taxis.

Hours Aren’t Everything

Germans work fewer hours than people in many other countries but tend to be more productive. That’s one finding of a recent Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) study.

Germany Tops Trade Surplus List

For the fourth time in a row, Germany will record the world’s largest surplus of exports to imports. That’s the prognosis according to Munich’s Ifo Institute for Economic Research.