Qualified Migrants

As far as people with higher degrees are concerned, migration is a net-sum gain for Germany and a safeguard against “brain drain.”.

University Grades

Germany’s universities get high marks for innovation.

Germany’s E-Mobile Valley

The automotive metropolis of Stuttgart is spearheading a shift from gasoline and diesel toward electricity and hydrogen. Companies from the field of e-mobility can capitalize on the restructuring that is taking place in Baden-Württemberg, for example as suppliers to car makers.

Germany Devotes €150 Million to Connect Research Hospitals into Anti-Corona Network

The country’s many centers of research excellence will now be centrally linked to speed efforts to combat the pandemic.

Germany Starts Unlimited Relief Program for Corona-Hit Firms

German government ministries and a state bank have commenced a “Special Plan 2020” to save companies from bankruptcy because of the virus.

From Lignite to Bioplastics

The phase-out of coal mining in Brandenburg has pushed the chemical and plastics industries to the fore. Around 600 companies are active in this sector in the eastern German state, and are pushing growth. A number are based in Schwarzheide.

Germany’s Brand Value

Germany is, of course, Europe’s largest economy, but it’s also a brand – with a specific intrinsic worth.

Celebrating Entrepreneurial Spirit

Who will be the chosen few of 2020? That’s the difficult question facing the jury of this year’s German Entrepreneur Award (GEA). Last year’s winners were characterized by a strong social purpose as well as the right formulas for success.

Garage Brands

Berlin’s Motionlab is an innovative project in a pair of hulking former warehouses in the German capital.