EV Battery Recycling Set to Become Big Business in Germany

The German Environment Agency says that more than 12,000 tons of lithium-ion batteries were in use in Germany in 2019 – a figure that will be increasing dramatically year for year. That has companies, big and small, thinking about how to find a role in recycling.

Taking Part in the German Battery Boom

We spoke with GTAI automotive expert Stefan Di Bitonto and SVOLT Vice-President for Energy Technology (Europe) Maxim Hantsch-Kramskoj about why it makes sense to set up shop in Germany.

Enapter Begins Construction on Modular Hydrogen Electrolyzer Factory

Italian-Thai company Enapter has broken ground on a EUR 105 million facility in the western German town of Saerbeck that will mass produce its modular Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) electrolyzers.

Germany Puts Quarter Billion into Public Transport Model Projects

The Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure has announced the twelve model projects eligible for EUR 250 million in special funding from now until 2024.

Google Invests Billion in Digital Infrastructure and Clean Energy in Germany

A cool one billion euros – that’s how much tech colossus Google is putting into cloud computing infrastructure and sustainable electricity in the heart of Europe from now until 2030.

German Transport Ministry Allocates EUR 290 Million for H2 Mobility

Germany’s Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure has announced the four winning locations for its multi-million-euro Hydrogen Innovation and Technology Center.

LNG Terminal Could Make Hamburg Area World Hub for H2

In the short term, the terminal being constructed in the town of Brunsbüttel near Hamburg is planned for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

Germany Earmarks Billion to Ease Electric Mobility Transition

The shift to electric vehicles will have wide-ranging effects on the German automotive industry, the largest in Europe, forcing change upon the many suppliers of parts for conventional combustion-driven cars. To compensate, the German government is allocating EUR 1 billion to help regions, companies and individual workers cope with the new automotive reality.

Battery Changing Could Solve EV Charging Challenge

One of the hurdles to making electric vehicles the rule rather than the exception is the time required to recharge them. Chinese-German firm Infra-Dianba, headquartered in Berlin, wants to solve the problem by simply replacing drained batteries with full ones.

Germany Commits Additional Millions to Offshore H2 Production

The German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is allocating EUR 50 million more than previously planned to fund the development of offshore parks to produce green hydrogen. Competition for the first projects will begin in 2022.