Largest Battery in Europe

The “EnspireME” battery will supply reserve capacity to the European electricity grid to guarantee its 50-hertz frequency.

Ridesharing E-Shuttles

The world’s first on-demand zero-emission shuttles will be hitting the streets of Hamburg in late 2018.

Sharing the Sunshine: Digital Power Broker

How private homeowners with solar panels save money.

Audi Developing E-Fuels

60 liters – the largest batch of e-gasoline ever produced.

One to Watch: Akvola Technologies

The question of how to reuse wastewater in an energy-efficient way is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. Matan Beery developed a low energy technology for cleaning seawater.

„Too Good for the Bin“

Germany’s Federal Government recently set itself the ambitious goal of reducing the annual food waste of consumers and retailers by half by 2030.

New Lithium-Ion Battery Cell Factory

Investment volume: EUR 3 billion.

Get Set, e.GO!

The compact e.GO Drive 20 will democratize electric and self-driving cars. We talk to the company’s managing director.