Tossable Tableware

A biodegradable alternative to plastic.

Jute Packaging

Think packaging materials, and you’ll probably automatically think of Styrofoam. That’s something Alexandra Kletzsch, and her company Kompackt61, would like to change.

Banishing Ghosts

One form of marine pollution that doesn’t get much press is abandoned fishermen’s nets, or ghost nets. But ask the founders of the Hamburg start-up Bracenet, and they leave no doubt as to the seriousness of the problem.

Reycling Wind Turbines: Taking Germany’s Energy Transition to a Logical Conclusion

Owing to the great diversity of turbine types and location, tailor-made procedures will be required for scrapping and recycling the turbines. Because different sorts of turbines are made from different materials, various regulations will apply.

Green Energy Transition

More than 60 percent of German households would like to increase their use of renewable energy or even produce it themselves – that’s the finding of a survey of some 4000 households carried out by the government-owned business and development bank KfW.

Electric Trucks

Silicon Valley and Germany’s industrial Ruhr Valley are teaming up – to produce electric transport vehicles.

New Stone Age Technology

On the front of the rather nondescript square concrete building in Hamburg are the words “Welcome to the new Stone Age.” But the new electro-thermic (ETES) energy storage facility, which is being tested by Siemens Gamesa, is very much about the future, not the past.

German Start-Up Produces Solar-Powered Car

The German start-up Sono Motors is mass-producing a surprisingly affordable EV that can run on self-generated solar power alone. Not only that, the Sion also includes its own built-in mobility system.

Germany Invests Hundreds of Millions in Green Hydrogen

Germany is putting its money where its mouth is in terms of hydrogen-based energy technology. Economic Affairs and Energy Minister Peter Altmaier has promised to make Germany the “world number one,” and three German ministries are pumping hundreds of millions of euros into programs toward that end.

Flying the Environmentally Friendly Skies

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has come out in favor of CO2 neutral aviation.