Porsche Air Taxis

Porsche teamed up with US aviation giant Boeing and is aiming to produce a workable vertical-takeoff-and-landing air taxi prototype by the end of 2020.

Ending Food Waste

Germany’s Agricultural and Food Minister Julia Klöckner has set a goal of reducing food waste by half by the year 2030.

Auto Summit

Among the participants of the Automotive Summit 2019 were bosses of Germany’s leading carmakers and automotive companies. They agreed that the public and private sectors would split the costs for augmented subsidies of up to 6000 EUR for consumers who purchase electric vehicles.

Sun Power on Wheels

Munich-based start-up Sono Motors has designed a car with 248 solar panels embedded into its roof, hood, rear and sides, which can provide enough electricity per day for 34km of no-cost, zero emissions driving.

New EV and Hybrid Registrations Way Up in Germany in 2019

Number of new German registrations for electric and hybrid vehicles increased dramatically last year.

Tossable Tableware

A biodegradable alternative to plastic.

Jute Packaging

Think packaging materials, and you’ll probably automatically think of Styrofoam. That’s something Alexandra Kletzsch, and her company Kompackt61, would like to change.

Banishing Ghosts

One form of marine pollution that doesn’t get much press is abandoned fishermen’s nets, or ghost nets. But ask the founders of the Hamburg start-up Bracenet, and they leave no doubt as to the seriousness of the problem.

Reycling Wind Turbines: Taking Germany’s Energy Transition to a Logical Conclusion

Owing to the great diversity of turbine types and location, tailor-made procedures will be required for scrapping and recycling the turbines. Because different sorts of turbines are made from different materials, various regulations will apply.

Green Energy Transition

More than 60 percent of German households would like to increase their use of renewable energy or even produce it themselves – that’s the finding of a survey of some 4000 households carried out by the government-owned business and development bank KfW.