Luther Promotes Lithium

Research center will promote lithium-based technologies .

Top Investments 2022 in Lower Saxony

Lower Saxony is strengthening its position in battery production through the investment of Gotion High-Tech Co Ltd in Göttingen and Volkswagen in Salzgitter.

“Newcycling” of Plastics

One challenge with recycling plastics is material degradation. A recycled plastic bag, for example, may not be of the same quality as a new one. To address this issue, the company APK AG from Merseburg in Saxony-Anhalt has a solution it calls “Newcycling.”

Top Investments 2022 in Bavaria

As an industrial powerhouse, Bavaria offers the burgeoning tech scene optimum conditions for growth. Let’s find out why so many global companies have decided to set up a business here in 2022 and why the opportunity to cross innovate is the real draw of the region.

Top Investment 2022 in Saarland

Saarland understands transformation. With the multiple changes in its national status since the First World War, the state in direct vicinity of France and Luxembourg already had to repeatedly adjust to fundamental changes. The last turning point to be managed was the end of coal mining in 2012, after more than 200 years. Today Saarland is a model region – also for mastering structural change.

Germany’s Late Bloomer

The east of Germany is catching up, attracting a series of high-profile, big-ticket international business expansions.
The region is finally delivering on a 30-year-old promise.

Top Investments 2022 in Thuringia

In 2022, Thuringia again proved its attractiveness as a business, investment and tourism location that attracts investors and also offers good conditions for expansion for those companies that are already operating in the Free State and want to expand here. LEG successfully accompanied numerous projects in its anniversary year: founded in 1992, the Erfurt-based economic development agency celebrated its 30th year.

Decarbonizing the Data Industry

Germany’s data center sector is expanding like never before and simultaneously undergoing a quiet revolution in energy efficiency. International companies are helping make the physical act of processing information better for the environment.

Swiss Solar Giant Plans Big 2023 Expansion in Germany

Meyer Burger is planning to ramp up its German operations in the coming year. The Swiss solar power module manufacturer aims to increase capacity at its location in Thalheim in the eastern German regional state of Saxony Anhalt from 1 to 1.4 gigawatts.