Munich Start-Up Aims to Extend Lives of EV Batteries

Up-and-coming Munich company Twaice has developed a software to analyze how much life EV batteries have left in them.

German Drones Reseed Forests

Woodlands around the world are suffering from the effects of climate change, so reforestation is set to become increasingly important. Berlin start-up Skyseed has developed a system of using drones to seed damaged areas.

EV Share of New Cars in Germany Increases

More and more electric vehicles were among the newly registered cars in Germany in Q1 2022. According to the government motor transport authority KBA, EVs accounted for 44.5 percent of new cars – 18 percent higher than over the same period in 2021.

Circular Economies are a Hot Topic in German Business

Beyond recycling: Germany aims to be an ecological country, but it’s going to need a lot more of the circular economy. Business opportunities abound for innovative companies with solutions for how to reuse everything we produce and need.

France and Germany Fund Anti-Crisis AI Initiatives

The French and German governments are putting EUR 17.9 million into five projects aimed at using artificial intelligence to increase sustainability, identify and combat potential epidemics, and protect industry against disruptions to supply chains.

Hundreds of Millions in VC for German-Based Companies

Medical technology leads the way in our bimonthly round-up of the biggest venture capital deals involving firms from Germany. But logistics, greentech and fintech companies also booked nine-figure funding rounds.

Mercedes Sets New Range Mark for EVs

A prototype Mercedes-Benz all-electric EQXX has broken through the 1000-kilometer range barrier for the first time on a single charge. The vehicles set the new record on April 5 on a 1008-km tour from Germany via the Swiss Alps and northern Italy to the French Côte d’Azur.

Germany’s Clean Energy Transition – “A Question of Must, not Whether”

When it took office late last year, the new German government promised to introduce wide-ranging legislation by Easter to accelerate the transition to clean energy. The so-called “Easter Package” delivers on that pledge.

Massive Contracts Awarded for First Direct UK-German Electricity Connection

The developers of the Neuconnect Interconnector – a novel 720-kilometer land and underwater cable link between the United Kingdom and Germany – have announced that EUR 1.9 billion will go to Italy’s Prysmian Group and German multinational Siemens.

German Company Brings Sustainable Construction Idea to Namibia

PolyBlocks have often been described as “Legos for adults” and require no specialist expertise to use in construction.