Germany Sets Yearly Solar Power Record

Solar energy facilities have fed some 43 billion kWh of electricity into Germany’s national grid.

Hessen’s Hydrogen Future

Construction has commenced in the western German regional state of Hessen, home to Germany’s financial capital Frankfurt, on a hydrogen fuel station for an ambitious public transport project.

Coal Exit: Germany’s Next Generation Energy Hubs

Germany’s four major coal-producing regions are going to be at the center of Germany’s energy future. Our new video explores the innovations and transformations reshaping these areas: the Lusatia, Central Germany, Helmstedt and Rhine coal regions.

Shell Plans to Go Green

The German subsidiary of petroleum giant Shell has announced a major turn toward ecological products.

“Air-quality solutions need to get more dynamic”

CEO Robert Heinecke of Breeze, the winner of the first de:Hub Startup Games competition in July, talks about what the event meant to his company and how it’s trying to improve the quality of the air we all breathe.

Innovative Hydrogen Tanks

The Institute for Lightweight Engineering and Plastics Technology (ILK) at the Technical University of Dresden is developing new thermoplastic fiber-composite hydrogen tanks in pancake design.

Hydrogen Busses

The eastern German city of Cottbus wants to make its bus fleet CO2 neutral. For that to happen, some of its 55 vehicles will have to run on “green hydrogen” produced from renewably generated electricity.

AI for Clean Air

Hawa Dawa means “air purity” in several languages – which makes it an appropriate name for a multicultural company associated with Munich’s Technical University that is devoted to combatting air pollution.

Reusable Packaging

Online retail is booming, with some 3.65 billion packages being sent in Germany in 2019 and that figure likely to rise considerably because of the coronavirus pandemic. This has led to a veritable deluge of packaging waste – a problem German French start-up LivingPackets aims to solve with something called, simply, The Box.

Cargo Bike Run Continues

The northern German city of Hamburg has extended a program to subsidizing the purchase of electric and conventional cargo bicycles.