Trade Fair Organizers in Germany Restart After Covid-19 Shutdown

Germany is well known as one of the world’s top trade fair locations. Cancellation of events due to Covid-19 hit organizers hard. But new concepts allow for an optimistic outlook.

Germany’s Medical and Research Actors Respond to Corona Crisis

Concluding our week-long look at how various German industries’ are faring during the coronavirus pandemic, we scrutinize the medtech sector.

fDi Diaries: ‘The crisis will be temporary’

GTAI’s head of investor consulting, Achim Hartig, spoke to Alex Irwin-Hunt from the Financial Times‘ fDi Intelligence about how Germany is doing amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Digital Payment Usage Up as Germans Forego Cash in Corona Crisis

In the fourth part of our series on German industries during the coronavirus pandemic, we look at the sudden surge in the digital payment sector.

Logistics in Germany Rises to Covid-19

Continuing our week-long look at how various German industries’ are faring during the coronavirus pandemic, we scrutinize the logistics sector.

Plastics Industry Sees Partial Increase In Demand From Covid-19

How has the coronavirus pandemic influenced major German sectors? You can find out in GTAIs industry overviews. Today’s topic: plastics.

German Pharmaceuticals Booming During Corona

Global exports may be down because of the various restrictions associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, but 2020 is shaping up to be an excellent year for German pharmaceutical companies.

Effects of Corona on Germany’s E-Commerce Market

All this week we’ll be looking at the latest developments in five major German industries. Up today is e-commerce, where some online retailers have had to struggle with significant supply chain difficulties, while others have been unprepared for the sudden and dramatic increase in demand.

Robotic Hospital Help

The coronavirus pandemic has directed a spotlight on the need for hygiene, and nowhere is this more urgent than in hospitals. German robotics company InSystems has come up with a disinfecting robot system named ZenZoe.

Comeback Kids

The coronavirus pandemic has confronted businesses across the globe with a host of challenges, leaving many to fear for their very existence. But companies in a handful of sectors actually saw their fortunes reverse due to disruption resulting from the crisis.