EU Finances German Covid-19 Therapeutics

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has signed a pair of financing agreements, worth up to EUR 24 million and EUR 24.5 million respectively, with southern German company Atriva Therapeutics and the German subsidiary of US biotech Immunic Therapeutics, for the research, development and testing of medications to fight Covid-19 and other conditions.

EU Allocates Millions for Corona Warning App

The idea is to network the German corona warning app with the EU Warn Gateway, allowing it to be used throughout the bloc.

US Companies Impressed with German Corona Response

Germany’s reaction to the coronavirus pandemic has bolstered the country’s standing among its American economic partners. In the 2020 edition of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany’s annual list of the top 50 US companies in Germany, US businesspeople give the country a grade of 1.8 as a business location. That’s higher than last year.

“Corona Winners” in Germany

Some six months into the corona pandemic, the value of resilience is growing ever clearer. In our new video, we look at sectors of German business that represent opportunities amid this most disruptive crisis. Whether its telemedicine, fintech or pharmaceuticals, some clever entrepreneurs are turning the social change wrought by Covid-19 to their advantage. Check it out in our new video.

Pointing the Way Forward

Germany has received international praise for the early measures it took to limit the negative economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. But how much of this was down to government policy? We take a closer look.

Economic Outlook

Interview with Michael Hüther: The director of the German Economic Institute in Cologne, considers Germany’s response to the corona crisis and the direction the economy will take.

Opportunity from Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has created new arenas and chances for investors interested in German businesses. The openings are particularly apparent in robotics, 3D printing, data protection and e-learning.

Tulip Blossoming

One U.S. company is pushing ahead with European expansion plans from its new base in Munich despite the corona crisis. Digitalization platform provider Tulip is confident that its future looks bright in Germany.

Covid Crisis Has Accelerated Progress

Interview with Thomas Jarzombek, the Ministry for Economic Affairs’ commissioner for the digital industry and start-ups.

Medtech: Covering an Exploding Market

Germany’s market for medical technology – worth EUR 38 billion in 2019 – was already one of the largest in the world before the coronavirus. But the arrival of Covid-19 brought exponential growth in demand for German medical solutions.