From Tailored Shirts to Corona Masks

The name van Laack is known throughout Germany as a producer of bespoke business apparel and fashion, but the venerable firm has found a lucrative and rather more populist market during the corona virus pandemic: face masks.

Germany Going Big On Home Office

Amidst the coronavirus crisis, record numbers of people in Germany are now working remotely, and indications are that this will be a long-term trend in the country.

Electronics Sales Up in Germany

One sector in Germany that is profiting from the restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic is electronics.

Crisis Drives Sustainable Thinking

Judith Herzog-Kuballa, sustainability and CSR consultant for Germany’s Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA), argues that the corona pandemic has shown the need to combine environmental consciousness with responsible business practices.

Altmaier: Government Will Mitigate November Corona Lockdown Damage

In the aftermath of the German government’s announcement of a four-week temporary lockdown, German Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy Peter Altmaier has said the state would address its negative economic impact.

Germany Tightens Corona Regulations for November

In response to rising Covid-19 infection figures in Germany and across Europe, the federal German government and the sixteen regional German states have imposed a number of new restrictions, effective from November 2 until the end of the month. The new measures are aimed at controlling the pandemic.

EU Finances German Covid-19 Therapeutics

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has signed a pair of financing agreements, worth up to EUR 24 million and EUR 24.5 million respectively, with southern German company Atriva Therapeutics and the German subsidiary of US biotech Immunic Therapeutics, for the research, development and testing of medications to fight Covid-19 and other conditions.

EU Allocates Millions for Corona Warning App

The idea is to network the German corona warning app with the EU Warn Gateway, allowing it to be used throughout the bloc.

US Companies Impressed with German Corona Response

Germany’s reaction to the coronavirus pandemic has bolstered the country’s standing among its American economic partners. In the 2020 edition of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany’s annual list of the top 50 US companies in Germany, US businesspeople give the country a grade of 1.8 as a business location. That’s higher than last year.

“Corona Winners” in Germany

Some six months into the corona pandemic, the value of resilience is growing ever clearer. In our new video, we look at sectors of German business that represent opportunities amid this most disruptive crisis. Whether its telemedicine, fintech or pharmaceuticals, some clever entrepreneurs are turning the social change wrought by Covid-19 to their advantage. Check it out in our new video.