Germany’s Energy Security

Reliable energy supplies are a sine qua non for doing business, so there were smiles in Germany when the country came out top in the 2020 Global Energy Security Index of scholar platform MDPI.

New Gambling Rules

Germany’s 16 federal states have agreed to liberalize the laws governing online games of chance and allow sports bet and games played with virtual machines.

Germany Starts Unlimited Relief Program for Corona-Hit Firms

German government ministries and a state bank have commenced a “Special Plan 2020” to save companies from bankruptcy because of the virus.

Incentives: Let It Grow

Project financing incentives are available to all investors and are provided by the German government, the federal states, and the E.U. to support business growth. Germany Trade & Invest advises large companies (turnover €50m+) and SMEs.

Tech Centers Berlin and Munich

If you’re looking for technology and artificial intelligence experts, you should start in Berlin and Munich. That’s according to data from Internet jobs platform LinkedIn.

Big German Words

New legislation has the German government injecting some €90bn into special project areas and makes it easier for companies to employ specialists in Germany. Watch our video!

Removing Barriers

Investing in Germany’s future has rarely been easier. Lawmakers recently passed forward-thinking legislation that will usher in a wave of new opportunities for investors, both domestic and foreign.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Germany’s Plattform Industrie 4.0 is one of the largest associations in the world focusing on the changes that will arise from digitalization and automation.

Germany Redoubles Efforts to Attract Qualified Foreign Workers

German governmental and business leaders launch major push to expand skilled labor force.

High Marks

It’s report card time again, and Germany has brought home some excellent marks. The magazine US News and World Report ranked Germany the second-best country in the world for entrepreneurs, behind only Japan.