From Green Power to Green Fuel

The Dresden-based cleantech company Sunfire has developed an innovative, highly efficient technology to store and redistribute renewable energy – all while building on existing infrastructure.

One to Watch: Lauri Karp

EmformX offers an application programming interface (API) product and provides a platform that helps to simplify otherwise time-consuming financial and transaction data analysis.

Cure Your Plants with AI

The Plantix app, developed by the Hanover-based startup Peat, uses a database and algorithm to accurately recognize plant diseases, pests or nutrient deficiency.

The “Bestseller Factory”

What started as a platform for authors to evaluate each other’s work has grown into a veritable bestseller factory.

Rubber from Dandelions

Automotive components maker Continental plans to start production of tires made from dandelion rubber in its research and testing facility in the northeastern German town of Anklam.

Making Cash While on Vacation

The company organizes for people arriving at the airport to rent the vehicles of those who have flown away from it.

New Innovation Promotion Agency

Germany’s Federal Cabinet approved the creation of a new agency to give longer-term support to innovative concepts and ideas.

An Algorithm for Jetlag?

Optimally adjusting the body clock.

Not Heavy. Not Metal.

“Made in Germany” carbon fiber super plastics.

’s no Problem

Artificial ski slopes made from mats.