Celebrating Entrepreneurial Spirit

Who will be the chosen few of 2020? That’s the difficult question facing the jury of this year’s German Entrepreneur Award (GEA). Last year’s winners were characterized by a strong social purpose as well as the right formulas for success.

Garage Brands

Berlin’s Motionlab is an innovative project in a pair of hulking former warehouses in the German capital.

Working Moms

Munich entrepreneur Sandra Westermann started her company Superheldin to provide the sort of service she herself once wished she had.

acCELLerating the Future

Assay ready cells are cells that have been cryopreserved at a highly functional state and can be used instantly after thawing, making them a valuable tool in drug research. But many questioned their usefulness. Hamburg company acCELLerate wasn’t deterred.

Mio Myos

Berlin fintech start-up Myos has raised 10 million euros in investment money. Myos specializes in providing retail merchants with working capital to keep deliveries flowing, expand their assortment of products and grow more quickly.

Chip off the Blockchain

No one can accuse Hamburg’s Blockchance Ventures of not thinking big. “We provide everything entrepreneurs need to build the next unicorn,” promises this combination of venture capital fund, incubator, fundraiser, PR agency and co-working space provider. And its services are specifically targeted at blockchain start-ups.

Bavarian Makerspaces

At eight locations between Würzburg to the north and Taufkirchen south of Munich, the southern German state of Bavaria has established makerspaces to help young entrepreneurs get their businesses up and running.

Inside the Cube

There are smart buildings, and then there’s the Cube in Berlin – at least in terms of what this new building project near the German capital’s main train station promises.

Fighting AI Discrimination

Everyone agrees that artificial intelligence has the potential to dramatically improve people’s lives. But what if, intentionally or not, it also reinforces their biases?

Gaia-X Project

The Gaia-X project advocated by German Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy Peter Altmaier is a “decentralized hyperscaler” that would link individual data pools of leading German companies.