Self-Serve Shopping

Supermarket chain Tegut opened a pilot digital shop named Tegut-Teo in which customers scan their purchase themselves and then pay by app or credit and debit cards.

Drone Defenses

German start-up Dedrone has developed a system of sensors to help ward off airborne intruders.

Electric Bike-Car Hybrids a New Delivery Trend

Are they bicycles? Are they automobiles? The answer: a bit of both.

Lots of New German Medications in 2020

Coronavirus may have dominated the headlines last year, but Germany’s pharmaceutical companies were busy fighting disease on a number of fronts.

Best of 2020

Throughout 2020, this website featured more than 350 articles and videos about Germany as a business and high-tech location. Below is a list so that you can catch up on anything you might have missed.

HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY: Medical Technology

Medical products „Made in Germany“ are used worldwide. In the corona crisis, German medtech companies have proven that the industry is able to react very quickly to extraordinary situations and meet global requirements at short notice. The German government is strengthening this innovative power through targeted stimulus. Watch our video to learn more.

German Dronemaker Winging Along

One of Germany’s most exciting unmanned aviation (vulgo: drone) start-ups, Wingcopter, has really taken off in 2020.

Storing Energy for the Future

The international “enera” project in Germany’s windy northwest is helping make wind power more reliable by supplying new electric batteries to stabilize the grid.

Bringing AI to the Soccer Pitch

To get good results you need good strategy, both in business and sports. That was what led Hyunwook Kang to move his artificial-intelligence-based soccer analysis platform bepro11 from Seoul to Hamburg in 2017.

Berlin Startup Launches Powerpoint Alternative

A business presentation solution that allows multiple users to work on slides simultaneously and remotely via chatroom – that’s the idea behind Pitch. The fledgling Berlin company’s product has now been officially launched, and developers are touting it as a rival Microsoft’s Powerpoint.