Millions for AI Customer Service

The online-platform Gruenderszene reports that Munich startup E-bot7 has raised a cool 5.5 million euros in fresh capital to advance and develop its smart customer-service software. The basic idea is to integrate artificial intelligence into companies’ existing customer support service, for instance, by suggesting answers to client questions.

Electric Trucks

Silicon Valley and Germany’s industrial Ruhr Valley are teaming up – to produce electric transport vehicles.

Don’t Return to Sender

E-Commerce and mail order may be extremely fashionable, but fashion itself remains a problem area. In Germany 40 percent of all clothing ordered online is sent straight back to sellers, often because it doesn’t fit.

One Price Fits All

Transferring money between currencies usually involves often hefty bank fees. But if Frankfurt start-up Giroxx gets its way, excessive-seeming surcharges could soon be a thing of the past.

Testing Autonomy

The German capital Berlin has equipped a stretch of road to test autonomous and networked driving.

New Stone Age Technology

On the front of the rather nondescript square concrete building in Hamburg are the words “Welcome to the new Stone Age.” But the new electro-thermic (ETES) energy storage facility, which is being tested by Siemens Gamesa, is very much about the future, not the past.

Recycling CO2

When environmentalists talk about carbon dioxide, it’s most about how to reduce it. But what if the greenhouse gas could be recycled into something beneficial?

Seven Figures for 3DQR

Augmented reality start-up 3DQR has received an infusion of more than EUR 1 million from bmp Ventures and a business angel.

5G Remote-Controlled Trains

Mobile communications provider Vodafone has carried out the first-ever remote-controlled test run of a train using 5G technology. The test was carried out at the company’s smart Smart Rail Connectivity Campus in Germany’s central Erzgebirge region.

Silence is Golden

MTU Aero Engines has purchased a ten-million-euro stake in the air taxi company e.Sat in the western German city of Aachen. The aircraft motor producer will be involved in the development and construction of an electro-hybrid motor for the air taxis.