Sink – Printed from Sand

The intricate shapes of the Sandhelden (“sand heroes”) sinks, bowls and vases seem almost incredible until you learn the secret. They are manufactured using 3D printing technology, and the material used to make them is both sustainable and plentiful – sand.

German Excellence Prize 2019

At the beginning of the year, 63 companies – including 19 innovative startups – were honored with the German Excellence Prize 2019. The awards ceremony took place in Frankfurt.

New German Federal Cybersecurity Agency

The Agency for Innovation in Cybersecurity will support key cybersecurity technologies with high potential for innovation and will be in charge of coordinating the entire research process (from initial idea to final product) and investing in emerging cybersecurity technologies.

Minimum Wage in Germany

Germany’s minimum wage might be less than many potential investors think.

Personalized Skin Cream in 7 Minutes

German researchers invent new process for individual skin-care products.

Lower Immigration Barriers

As part of the effort to alleviate Germany’s shortfall of skilled workers, the German government is lowering immigration barriers to let more of them come to the country.

Hamburg-Based Fintechs Thriving

The city’s finance industry – which enjoys a very long tradition – is already home to 45 fintechs, 50 banks and 30 ecosystem players, which together employ some 50,000 people.

British Companies Interested in Germany

As Brexit approaches, more and more British companies have been looking to Germany as a possible future foothold within the European Single Market.

Mobile Charging Station for E-Cars

Berlin-based startup Chargery has designed a power delivery service with perks.