More and More Germans Regularly Play Video Games

A joint study by YouGov, Link und Myi Entertainment has confirmed Germany’s growing passion for electronic gaming. The survey found that 70 percent of Germans aged 15 to 79 – the equivalent of 47 million people – play video games at least once a year.

Sunny Skies Ahead

Gone are the clouds that once hung over Germany’s photovoltaic sector. Concerns about energy security and the need for climate action are driving
a remarkable solar renaissance in Europe’s largest economy.

GTAI: Supporting Business Expansions

The experts at Germany Trade and Invest’s Berlin office are dedicated to helping international companies interested in setting up shop in Germany.

Amazon Opens New R&D Center in Southwestern Germany

Online retail colossus Amazon has opened its fourth German research and development center in Germany in the city of Tübingen. The center will work closely with local universities and research institutions.

Using AI to Overcome Renewable Energy Bureaucracy

CarbonFreed from Meldorf in Germany’s windy north has come up with a system, called gridcert, to monitor what documentation has been submitted when and what is still outstanding, dramatically reducing the number of discussions and the interval between application and needed permits.

Germany Launches New Support for Energy-Efficient Construction

EUR 750 million in low-interest loans are now on offer for construction and first-time purchases of domestic buildings and private homes in Germany. The money is part of an incentive program called “Climate-Friendly New Construction” (KFN) from the country’s state economic development bank KfW.

German Researchers Develop Laser Ship-Cleaning System

The mussels, algae and other marine organism that accumulate on the hulls of sea vessels, also known as biofouling, are a major problem. Scientists from the Laser Zentrum Hannover (LZH), The Laserline company and Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials Research IFAM have come up with a new remedy. Its secret – lasers.

Public-Private German Start-Up Investment Fund Sets New Record

The High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), the early-stage investment fund aimed at German-based start-ups, raised some EUR 500 million in its fourth and latest round. That’s the largest sum ever in the 18-year history of the fund. The HTGF currently has EUR 1.4 billion at its disposal.

Plans Published for North Sea Offshore Wind-Energy Network

Germany’s Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), together with the companies responsible for power transfer networks in the North Sea, have revealed initial plans for internationally connecting offshore wind energy production.

Making Energy Efficiency More Efficient

Russia’s war against the Ukraine underscored the need for Germany to get more from less energy – something that was already a priority in the global fight against climate change. But how can energy efficiency be increased most efficiently? What opportunities do international companies have to be active in the field in Germany? And why are heat pumps currently flying off shelvesin Europe’s biggest economy?