Chinese Battery Maker SVOLT Expands German Presence

One of the global leaders in battery technology and energy storage systems, SVOLT Energy Technology from China, will be building a production facility in the town of Lauchhammer in the eastern German state of Brandenburg.

Growth Spurt for Greentech

Germany’s efforts to transition to a sustainable economy have provided a major boost to funding for greentech start-ups. International companies are flocking to Germany to benefit from the boom in environmental technology and generous government incentives.

Smart Logistics Are on the Move

Digitalization, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are rapidly remaking the logistics and supply chain sectors. The German market for international providers of logistics solutions is heating up – stoked by the coronavirus pandemic and growth in e-commerce.

Outside the Ivory Towers

German R&D often takes place outside of the “ivory towers” of universities at independent institutions like the Fraunhofer and Max Planck societies and the Helmholtz and Leibniz associations. They are technology hothouses, partnering with industry to develop cutting-edge solutions.

Meet Us at the ITS World Congress in Los Angeles!

Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) will be appearing together with six innovative German partner projects at the ITS World Congress in Los Angeles, held September 18-22 . There will be presentations and free consultations with GTAI experts for international transport businesses interested in exploring opportunities to expand to the heart of Europe.

Creating Oxygen from Water in Northern Germany

Scientists are using a 146-meter-tall water tower in the northern German city of Bremen for experiments to produce oxygen from water under difficult, simulated zero-gravity circumstances. The research promises a cost-effective and viable way to provide astronauts with the air they need to survive.

GTAI’s first Hydrogen Investors Tour

GTAI is very proud to have hosted its first-ever Virtual Hydrogen Investors Tour. Four live studios, three coal-producing-turned-H2/clean-energy regions, two separate events and one live stream! A veritable Who’s Who of German H2 discussed the future opportunities of the hydrogen sector in the Lusatia, Central German and Rhenish regions.

Awards for International Businesses in Germany’s Industrial Heartland

Germany’s most populous regional state, North Rhine-Westphalia, has announced the winners of the 2022 edition of NRW Global Business AWARD. Taking the honors were companies from the US, Japan, the UK/Ukraine and the German city of Dortmund.

German Startups Recycling Used Company Computers

Many companies and institutions regularly update their electronic hardware, replacing devices that are no longer state-of-the-art but are still perfectly functional. Startups have recognized a niche: repairing and recycling equipment for users who don’t need to be on the absolute cusp of the latest technology.

Large-Scale Heat Pumps Set to be Part of Germany’s Future

The humble heat pump’s monster big brother is going to play a major role in industrial processes and district heating in Europe’s largest economy. Experts say industrial applications abound.