German Economics Ministry Mulls New Start-Up Strategy

Germany’s Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, led by Minister Robert Habeck, wants to do more to support start-ups in the country. According to reports in a variety of leading German newspapers, the ministry has submitted a 28-page proposal for reforms to the other parts of the German government.

Growth Resumes in Companies Founded in Germany

After a corona-influenced slowdown, people are starting their own businesses in Germany once again at a near pre-pandemic pace.

First Live Hannover Trade Fair Since Covid Opens

One of the world’s largest industrial trade fairs, the Hannover Messe, has welcomed back physical visitors after two years of online events due to coronavirus pandemic restrictions. Some 2500 participants will spend four days putting their innovations and ideas on display.

Internationals Key to German Startup Economy, Study Says

The just-published “Migrant Founders Monitor” commissioned by Germany’s Startup Association and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation shows how international the country’s entrepreneurial scene has become. Researchers found that 22 percent of start-up founders have an immigrant background – with 59 percent of that group being born outside Germany.

German Scientists Develop 3D Anti-Cancer Technology

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF, working with Varian Medical Systems, have come up with a novel system for tumor radiotherapy. It makes precise 3D images of tumors, so that doctors can kill cancer cells with minimal damage to surrounding tissue.

Factory Berlin: A Start-Up Center in the German Capital

More than anything, start-ups need community. Factory Berlin is a co-working space, an incubator, a network, a think-tank and just a great place to have fun developing new ideas.

North Sea States Agree Tenfold Increase in Wind Power

Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany will jointly push for a massive expansion in wind-generated electricity in the North Sea.

Germany Sees Massive Rise in Heat Pump Applications

Amidst the great uncertainty and huge price hikes in energy following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the demand for heat pumps has more than doubled.

Eight Winners at German Startup Awards

The first live presentation of the German Startup Awards following the coronavirus pandemic has taken place in Berlin. The winners, which are split into four categories and by gender, covered everything from mental health to recycling plastic to reusable drinks cups to corporate diversity.

German Startup Connects Fiber Optic Cables and Rail Tracks

As part of its drive to push connectivity in Germany, the government has pledged to dramatically expand the country’s fiber optic network, especially in rural and remote areas. Start-up One Fiber from the southwestern city of Mainz has an innovative idea for how to do this: use Germany’s extensive rail system.