Chinese-German Rail Connection

Sinotrans, the logistics division of China Merchants Group (CMG), has established its own rail link between Shenzhen and Duisburg, offering a new connection for freight transport between the Pearl River Delta and Europe.

Vacation Vehicles Boom

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted millions of people’s holiday plans and rocked the travel industry. But there are a few winners from all the disruption – one of which is motorhomes and vacation vehicles.

Reusable Packaging

Online retail is booming, with some 3.65 billion packages being sent in Germany in 2019 and that figure likely to rise considerably because of the coronavirus pandemic. This has led to a veritable deluge of packaging waste – a problem German French start-up LivingPackets aims to solve with something called, simply, The Box.

German Economics Ministry Says Corona Recovery Well Underway

The German government is projecting 4.4 percent growth for 2021, with the economy likely to return to pre-corona levels in early 2022.

Japanese-Bavarian Connections

The Japanese state-owned investment and foreign trade promotion organization JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) has opened an office in the Bavarian capital Munich. The move underscores the growing relationship between the Asian economic powerhouse and the southern German state.

Cargo Bike Run Continues

The northern German city of Hamburg has extended a program to subsidizing the purchase of electric and conventional cargo bicycles.

Galluping Ahead

The renowned American pollster Gallup says that German leadership draws higher approval than that of any other country in the world.

Hydrogen-Hybrid Garbage Truck

There’s an unusual sight on the roads of the northern German city of Bremen: a hydrogen-hybrid garbage truck. It’s the first time such a vehicle, which features both battery and fuel-cell technology, has ever been used in practice.

Quick as a Hawk

Stuttgart’s Hawk supercomputer has set a new German standard in speed.

Leipzig Quality of Life

Berlin, Hamburg and Munich may grab more headlines, yet slowly but surely the eastern German city of Leipzig is beginning to attract attention as an excellent place to live and work.