From Coal to Innovation: Germany’s €40 Billion Investment in Ex-Mining Regions

It´s only logical that any serious agenda for fulfilling the Paris Climate Agreement will entail new jobs and new value chains in many regions and economic sectors. In Germany, phasing out coal is part of this agenda. The federal German government has specified that the phase-out must open up new opportunities for the people and the economies of coal-producing regions.

Supercomputers in Germany

Don’t know your pentium from your petaflops? No problem. Our video on QuantumComputing has the answers & will introduce you to the two fastest computers in Germany.

The Siemens Way

Siemens plans on investing up to EUR 600 million in its historic Siemensstadt (Siemens City) campus in Berlin. It is the largest single investment in the company’s history and reflects Germany’s strength as an innovation hub.

Valuable Fumes

Thyssenkrupp has opened a research group with the aim of transforming off-gasses created in steel production into methanol, which can be used as fuel.

Japanese Investment for Berlin

On a visit to the Japanese capital in May, Berlin’s mayor announced that Japanese company Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) would be investing more than a hundred million of euros in his city in the years to come.

Older Online Shoppers

When you think of online shopping, you probably don’t imagine customers aged 60 and older. But maybe you should.

Outsourcing 4.0 in Germany

More and more companies in Germany are outsourcing their customer service, and that represents a great business opportunity. Now, digitalization is driving the growth of the market for corporate services in Germany.

Clever Cooperation

This May, IBM Watson and Bavaria’s Fortiss institute opened a joint technology center in the Bavarian capital Munich.

Cashless Payment

According to a survey of 435 retail businesses by the research organization EHI, for the first time ever, in 2018 Germans paid more often with credit or debit cards (48.6%) than cash (48.3%) for their retail purchases.

FDI in Germany

More than 2,000 foreign companies opened up businesses in Germany in 2018 – a new record. A survey carried out by Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) found that some British companies are investing in Germany in response to the threat of Brexit.