German Consumers Continue Switch to Contactless Payment

A new survey commissioned by digital business association bitkom has confirmed what anyone who has recently visited a German supermarket knows. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, shoppers are increasingly turning to electronic payment options.

Germany Selects 62 Hydrogen Projects For €8 Billion Fund

The Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the Ministry of Transportation and Digital Infrastructure have announced the names of more than 60 initiatives that will received support as part of Germany’s National Hydrogen Strategy.

Norway and Germany Open World’s Longest Electricity Connection

After three years of construction, Norway and Germany have inaugurated NordLink, a 623-kilometer “direct current highway” between the two countries. The undersea cable connection is the longest in the world.

German Scientists Find Cause for Corona Vaccine Blood Clots

Rare but serious cases of blood clotting in people inoculated by the vector vaccines produced by AstraZeneca and Johnson&Johnson have been one obstacle to the international immunization campaigns against Covid-19.

Bremen Space Expertise Helping Power NASA Moon Mission

Three years from now, when NASA’s Orion spacecraft heads for the moon, technology made in northern Germany will help it get there.

Construction Underway on Three German H2 Pilot Facilities

A consortium of three institutes of Germany’s renowned Fraunhofer Society is building a series of pilot facilities covering the entire process of producing green hydrogen with wind-generated electricity.

Legal Reform Drives Growth in German Residential PV

Residential solar units have been given a dramatic boost by an increase to exemptions from levies under Germany’s Renewable Energy Act. That’s according to an analysis by market research company EUPD.

Simulating Taste With Smell

Fledgling Munich company air up is making waves in the beverage sector with a flavored water that, strictly speaking, contains no taste at all.

Firing up Germany’s Post-Coal Economies

Germany will be phasing out coal-produced power by 2038, and the government’s Structural Development Act is underwriting a massive effort to shift the focus of the regions most affected over to clean energy. We look at four innovative projects.

Regional Spotlight: MAGDEBURG

In our new “Regional Spotlight” series, Markets Germany profiles attractive German investment locations as well as industry and research clusters. Our first candidate is the Magdeburg region, where the Max Planck Institute (MPI) researches chemical systems engineering, bioprocess technology and energy systems