German Researchers Devise Cheaper Procedure for Nanoscale Filming

Scientists at Kiel University in northern Germany have developed a new method of capturing ultra-fast nano-processes, such as an electron orbiting the core of hydrogen atom, on film.

Valmet Automotive Begins Serial Battery Production in Germany

The assembly lines are rolling in the southwestern German town of Kirchardt, as Finnish company Valmet Automotive’s factory for high voltage systems for EVs and plug-in hybrids goes operational.

First German AI Test Hub Opens in Frankfurt

Artificial intelligence is growing in importance throughout the German economy, and now companies will be able to experiment in Germany with its limitless possibilities.

Berlin Scientists Set Solar Cell Efficiency Record

32.5 percent – that’s the new world best mark for a tandem solar system converting incident solar radiation into energy.

3D Printing Firm Kicks Off One-Billion German Start-Up Fund

The German government’s DeepTech & Climate Fund (DTCF), which will dole out as much as EUR one billion to fledgling companies the years to come, has made its first investment. The Berlin additive manufacturing company xolo will receive EUR eight million in public and private support.

Germany is the New Star in Virtual Film Production

It’s lights, camera and above all lots of action in the German filmindustry right now. Europe’s largest economy is one of THE places to be for virtual cinema and video production, which is why players like Netflix are becoming more and more active in Germany. Watch our new video!

Germans Increasingly Willing to Pay for Longer-Life Smartphones

Although many Germans still treat smart-phones as short-term disposable commodities, awareness is growing of the advantages of paying a bit more for better durability. That’s one of the conclusions the digital industry organization Bitkom’s just-published study of Germany’s EUR 38.6 billion mobile phone industry.

Solar Unicorn is the Brightest Spot in the German VC Skies

A Berlin solar energy company raked in a massive Series D financing round, while an insurtech start-up also did quite nicely. Here’s our bimonthly overview of significant venture capital investments in firms in Germany.

THIN[GK]ATHON – Precision Metrology in Global Manufacturing – ZEISS Digital Innovation

„There are no limits to ideas” – At the Thin[gk]athon powered by Smart Systems Hub, you can expect 3 days of creative conception and coding in a team. Take on the challenge and show what you’ve got!

Luther Promotes Lithium

Research center will promote lithium-based technologies .