Tossable Tableware

A biodegradable alternative to plastic.

World’s Best Brands

Eleven of the world’s most valuable 100 brand names come from Germany. That’s according to the 2019 rankings by international consultancy firm Interbrand.

Smart Green Accelerator

Since 2013, the idyllic small city of Freiburg in southwestern Germany has been home to a networking center called Grünhof for sustainability-oriented innovators, creative minds and start-up enthusiasts.

Jute Packaging

Think packaging materials, and you’ll probably automatically think of Styrofoam. That’s something Alexandra Kletzsch, and her company Kompackt61, would like to change.

Introducing the Drivery

Berlin has a new address for those who want to create the mobility of the future. This spring, a 10,000 square meter co-working and networking space called The Drivery opened its doors, billing itself as “Europe’s Largest Mobility Innovation Community & Marketplace.”

Germany Redoubles Efforts to Attract Qualified Foreign Workers

German governmental and business leaders launch major push to expand skilled labor force.

Delivery Drones

The start-up Emqopter has succeeded in developing the first fully autonomous, licensed delivery drone for urban airspace.

Banishing Ghosts

One form of marine pollution that doesn’t get much press is abandoned fishermen’s nets, or ghost nets. But ask the founders of the Hamburg start-up Bracenet, and they leave no doubt as to the seriousness of the problem.

Urban Villages

According to a study carried out by the Berlin Institute for Population and Development, some people are taking advantage of the possibilities for remote working and moving to so-called urban villages.

Green Energy Transition

More than 60 percent of German households would like to increase their use of renewable energy or even produce it themselves – that’s the finding of a survey of some 4000 households carried out by the government-owned business and development bank KfW.