Knowledge Sharing

A number of innovative programs in Germany are developing tools and methods to facilitate knowledge sharing between researchers and companies.

Smart Thinking

The eastern German cities of Leipzig and Dresden joined the country’s digital hub initiative in 2017 to focus on smart systems and smart infrastructure. After just one year, Saxony’s de:hub has attracted some impressive partners and is open to foreign investment.

Audi Developing E-Fuels

60 liters – the largest batch of e-gasoline ever produced.

Good Results

The economic development agencies of Hamburg, Bremen and Brandenburg had a successful year in 2017.

»We couldn’t have done it by ourselves.«

Thomas Mader, Head of Automation and Controls at GEA Group, talks about the leading-edge cluster “It’s OWL”, which is revolutionizing food production processes using intelligent technology.

Innovative Materials

German scientists have developed and patented special processes that combine steel and ceramics to form new materials with a particularly high capacity for absorbing energy.

Most Trusted Brands

Which brands are most trusted by women in Germany?

Global Cloud Scoreboard 2018

Germany takes the top spot on the 2018 Global Cloud Scorecard of the international Business Software Alliance (BSA).

3D Forensics

The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering (IOF) in Jena (Thuringia) has developed a 3D measurement system that could help quickly and safely identify individuals and clues at crime scenes as well as in crowded public spaces.