Germany Launches New Hyperconnectivity Initiative

The German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) says that some eight billion devices were digitally networked in Germany in 2020, but it expects that number to rise to 50 billion by 2030. To ensure that cybersecurity is maintained, the ministry has come up with a new “Hyperconnectivity Guiding Initiative” to incentivize research in that area.

Flourescent Microscope Wins 2022 “German Future Prize”

This year’s prestigious “German Future Prize” has gone to a team of scientists from Carl Zeiss Microscopy in the eastern German university town of Jena.

German Researchers Create “Smart” Car Headlights

The automated and autonomous driving of the future depends on radar and LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology. But the space available for systems inside motor vehicles is limited.

Germany’s Unique Research and Development Landscape

Germany is one of the world leaders in R&D, but the system functions somewhat differently than in other countries. Two advantages: a more practical approach and greater connections between universities, extra-academic institutes and the private sector. Watch our video!

Heilbronn to Host AI Incubator

Self-proclaimed “start-up foundry” Campus Founders and the ZFHM Future Fund Heilbronn are establishing a twelve-week incubator program for fledgling artificial intelligence companies in the southwestern German city.

Eastern Germany Gets New Water Quality Test Platform

Renowned German research institution Fraunhofer Society is establishing Europe’s first testing and innovation center at an industrial water treatment plant.

Billions for Research Centers in Germany’s Coal-Producing Regions

With Germany phasing out coal-based power , alternative opportunities and sectors are opening up in the country’s traditional mining areas.

German Researchers Develop “Circular“ Food Transport Packaging

German R&D powerhouse the Fraunhofer Society have come up with a new form of bio-based polylactide (PLA) particle foams for food shipping containers.

Germany on Course for Record Number of New Approved Medications

The Association of Researching Pharmaceutical Companies (vfa) says 36 newly approved medications have been introduced to the German market in 2022. That continues the strong innovation trend from 2021, when 46 new medicines were introduced in the calendar year, vfa added.

The Power of German Research – A Chat with the Fraunhofer Society’s Sebastian Bosse

What makes the research and development landscape in Germany so unique? And what advantages does it offer for international business? Fraunhofer Society’s Sebastian Bosse gives the answers.