Artificial Intelligence Will Save Lives

The Chinese startup Infervision is hoping to transform the healthcare market all over Europe and prove that thinking machines can save lives.

Wastewater to Hydrogen

The Berlin-based company Graforce Hydro has developed a low-cost and climate-neutral process for producing eco-friendly hydrogen using wastewater and renewable energies.

Collaboration on Campus

The Technical University of Munich cooperates more closely with the corporate sector than any other German university. While the students benefit from hands-on training, companies get ideas for innovative products and new technologies.

“Cyber Valley” Initiative for AI

The Cyber Valley initiative aimed at transforming the Stuttgart-Tübingen area into a key international location for state-of-the-art research on artificial intelligence – including machine learning, robotics and computer vision – is taking shape.

“Open District Hub”

Together with 13 partners from the business world, the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft has launched “Open District Hub e.V.”

German Federal Report on Research and Innovation 2018

The Federal Report on Research and Innovation 2018, adopted by the Federal Cabinet this summer, confirms that Germany continues to be at the forefront of international competitiveness thanks to its research and innovation (R&I) efforts.

Network Research

The new Ericsson IoT Business Lab in Herzogenrath near Aachen has been in operation for four months now.

5G Lab Germany in Dresden

5G promises to impact on our lives more than any other wireless technology before it, ushering in superfast speeds, a huge increase in throughput, security and resilience. The 5G Lab Germany at the Technical University of Dresden is at the forefront of research.

Knowledge Sharing

A number of innovative programs in Germany are developing tools and methods to facilitate knowledge sharing between researchers and companies.

Audi Developing E-Fuels

60 liters – the largest batch of e-gasoline ever produced.