Massive Battery Storage Facility for Renewables Under Construction

German companies Smart Power and SMA Solar Technology are building what they say is one of Europe’s largest electricity storage facilities near the eastern German city of Eisenach.

Power Company Leag to Build Germany’s Largest Renewable Energy Center

Leag, which previously specialized in coal, says it will convert 33,000 hectares of strip-mine land in the eastern region of Lusatia into a gigantic site for wind parks and solar farms.

Chinese Battery Maker SVOLT Expands German Presence

One of the global leaders in battery technology and energy storage systems, SVOLT Energy Technology from China, will be building a production facility in the town of Lauchhammer in the eastern German state of Brandenburg.

Growth Spurt for Greentech

Germany’s efforts to transition to a sustainable economy have provided a major boost to funding for greentech start-ups. International companies are flocking to Germany to benefit from the boom in environmental technology and generous government incentives.

German Startup Uses Moss to Cool Cities

Beating the heat – that’s become the imperative for many places in the northern hemisphere this summer. Start-up Green City Solutions from the eastern regional state of Brandenburg has come up with an interesting way to cool off urban areas.

Billions in Business for US Chipmaker in Dresden

American semiconductor manufacturer GlobalFoundries has announced a massive new investment in its production facility in the eastern German city of Dresden. The project will be worth at least USD one billion.

Prototype Battery Recycling Plant Breaks Ground

German chemicals multinational BASF has begun construction on a test plant for recycling batteries in town of Schwarzheide the eastern regional state of Brandenburg. The new facility represents an expansion of the company’s activities in this area.

Measurement System Helps Farmers Cut Corners and Costs

The Stenon company from Potsdam in Brandenburg state has developed a system called FarmLab for carrying out soil analysis without having to send samples to a laboratory.

Estonia’s Skeleton to Put EUR 220m into German Supercapacitor Facility

Estonian maker of supercapacitors Skeleton Technologies has committed to a major five-year investment in the Leipzig suburb of Markranstädt in eastern Germany. The company will will utilize technology from German electronics giant Siemens.

Major Player: Steve “Spez” Huffman, CEO of Reddit

Steve Huffman, aka “spez,” is one of the most successful web developers and entrepreneurs in the world. In 2005, he cofounded the US-based social news aggregation platform Reddit, which came in at number 18 in the Top Websites Ranking by data provider Similarweb in December 2021.