Bremen Institute Improves 3D Printing with Extreme Heat and Pressure

1400 degrees Celsius and 200 MPa – nearly enough heat to melt iron and the pressure of a luxury car resting on the point of a finger. Those are the impressive specs of the Hot Isostatic Press (HIPpe) at Bremen’s ECOMAT technology center.

Top Investments 2021 in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Birkenstock and Huber Landtechnik GmbH invest in the north of Germany.

Top Investments 2021 in Thuringia

Thuringia overcame the challenges that the pandemic’s second year brought and continued to hone its profile as an attractive investment and technology location in the center of Germany and Europe.

Hydrogen Is Remaking Germany’s Coal Power Regions

This video looks at three soon to be former coal-producing regions currently undergoing transformation – and the business opportunities they offer.

Air Mobility: Eastern Germany’s Drone Zone

The German market for drones is exploding, and Kamenz in Saxony is getting in on the act.

Logistics: Delivering Efficiency

Are they bicycles or automobiles? Or a bit of both?

Israeli Infections Pioneer at Magdeburg’s Biotech Hub

Israel’s Kidod Science & Technologies has joined the eastern German city’s Health + IT Campus.

Renewable Heat Stored in Process Steam Tanks

LUMENION has come up with a steam storage system called Menion, capable of storing electrical power in the form of process steam and heat up to 650 degrees Celsius.

Ethanol-Powered EV Charging Station from Berlin

The lack of charging infrastructure is a major barrier to widespread e-mobility, but one start-up’s solution could be a game changer.