Big Thing in Small

One up-and-coming industry attracting the attention of international companies is micro/nano engineering. A cluster has coalesced in the eastern German state of Thuringia, a part of the country best known for its excellence in optics.

Insurtech Wefox Joins the Multi-Billion Dollar Club

How to turn a fox into a multiple unicorn? All it takes is a promising business idea and a massive influx of capital such as the USD 650 million just raised by Berlin Insurtech Wefox.

Bremen Space Expertise Helping Power NASA Moon Mission

Three years from now, when NASA’s Orion spacecraft heads for the moon, technology made in northern Germany will help it get there.

Construction Underway on Three German H2 Pilot Facilities

A consortium of three institutes of Germany’s renowned Fraunhofer Society is building a series of pilot facilities covering the entire process of producing green hydrogen with wind-generated electricity.

German Fintech Increases Value Sevenfold

There’s exponential growth, and then there’s this. Berlin fintech and trading app Trade Republic has just concluded a USD 900 million round of funding and is now valued at USD 5.3 billion after being rated at USD 730 million at the end of last year.

Firing up Germany’s Post-Coal Economies

Germany will be phasing out coal-produced power by 2038, and the government’s Structural Development Act is underwriting a massive effort to shift the focus of the regions most affected over to clean energy. We look at four innovative projects.

Regional Spotlight: MAGDEBURG

In our new “Regional Spotlight” series, Markets Germany profiles attractive German investment locations as well as industry and research clusters. Our first candidate is the Magdeburg region, where the Max Planck Institute (MPI) researches chemical systems engineering, bioprocess technology and energy systems

Delivery Boom Fuels E-Bike Leasing

In the business world, disruptions not only render the best-laid plans moot. They also open up opportunities for companies nimble enough to think on their feet. Berlin e-bike leasing start-up GetHenry could write a book on that.

New Green Hydrogen Hub

German energy giant Uniper has announced plans to make the northern German city of Wilhelmshaven into national German hub for hydrogen.

Berlin Overtakes London as Startup Heatmap’s Top European Location

The German capital is number one in Startup Heatmap’s annual survey of Europe’s best cities for fledgling companies.