How Big Businesses Expand to Germany

Intel, Northvolt, Tesla…giant companies have recently committed billions to establishing/expanding German operations. Here’s how those massive investments came about. Watch our video!

Factory Berlin: A Start-Up Center in the German Capital

More than anything, start-ups need community. Factory Berlin is a co-working space, an incubator, a network, a think-tank and just a great place to have fun developing new ideas.

Artificial Intelligence Making Big Moves in Germany

AI is becoming an increasingly important part of German society and business. International companies can get in on the action.

Germany’s Start-Up Scene Isn’t Kidding Around

The global explosion of venture capital investment is revolutionizing the start-up landscape in Germany.

How Germany is Remaking its Maritime Economy

Ports and waterways are a major part of Germany, the logistics hub at the heart of Europe. But Germany’s maritime economy is changing to meet the demands and utilize the possibilities of the digital age.

Circular Economies are a Hot Topic in German Business

Beyond recycling: Germany aims to be an ecological country, but it’s going to need a lot more of the circular economy. Business opportunities abound for innovative companies with solutions for how to reuse everything we produce and need.

Ask Intel and Others – Germany is Europe’s New Microchip Mecca

It’s no accident that electronics giant Intel decided to locate its coming €17bn microchip gigafactory in Germany. More and more semiconductor manufacturers are discovering the advantages of being in Europe’s largest market and automotive and technological heartland.

The Fight Against Corona Has German Biotech Booming

Our video looks at what makes Germany such an excellent location in the field – for the battle against Covid-19 and other deadly diseases.

Hydrogen Is Remaking Germany’s Coal Power Regions

This video looks at three soon to be former coal-producing regions currently undergoing transformation – and the business opportunities they offer.

The Agreement Behind Germany’s New Government Policies

The basis of the policies of Germany’s new government is a 177-page coalition agreement. What’s in it? We look at four areas: climate action, digitalization, biotech and health, and industry. Watch our video!