International Businesses are Expanding to Germany’s East

You may not have heard of Guben near Germany’s Polish border. But firms from Canada to China have chosen the town as their new business home. Indeed, more and more international companies are discovering the particular advantages of Germany’s east. Our new video explores why.

Why Daikin Loves Doing Business in Germany

Japan’s Daikin is one of the international companies getting in on the red-hot heatpump sector in Germany. The firm’s German managing director of manufacturing Filip de Graeve talks about how his business has found success with its expansion to Europe’s largest economy. Watch our video!

Heat Pumps are Red Hot in Germany

Not to beat you over the head with it, but the heat pump is a powerful piece of climate friendly technology that maximizes energy efficiency. So in times of rising heating prices, it’s no wonder the sector is growing at superhuman rates.

How Octopus Energy Came to Germany

Octopus Energy – one of the most most innovative young companies in the sector – expanded to Germany and is making waves in Europe’s largest economy. Octopus Energy Germany CEO Andrew Mack tells us about the challenges and rewards of coming to this very lucrative but very specific market. Watch our video!

Diversification Will Secure the Future of Business in Germany

Whether its supply chains or markets, companies in Germany are diversifying in response to the many disruptions of the past couple of years. The trend applies to practically all sectors in the German economy and is opening up business opportunities for new players. This video explores the ongoing changes.

Diversification, Order and Resilience in Focus of German/Asian-Pacific Business Partnership

German Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck and Siemens CEO and Asia-Pacific Committee of German Business (APA) Chairman Roland Busch discuss why cooperation between the AsiaPacific and Germany is more important than ever.

Germany’s Unique Research and Development Landscape

Germany is one of the world leaders in R&D, but the system functions somewhat differently than in other countries. Two advantages: a more practical approach and greater connections between universities, extra-academic institutes and the private sector. Watch our video!

Autonomous Mobility in Germany Shifts into High Gear

On road and rail, in the air and at sea, autonomous vehicles will be a major element of future mobility in Germany. Watch our video!

The Power of German Research – A Chat with the Fraunhofer Society’s Sebastian Bosse

What makes the research and development landscape in Germany so unique? And what advantages does it offer for international business? Fraunhofer Society’s Sebastian Bosse gives the answers.

GTAI’s first Hydrogen Investors Tour

GTAI is very proud to have hosted its first-ever Virtual Hydrogen Investors Tour. Four live studios, three coal-producing-turned-H2/clean-energy regions, two separate events and one live stream! A veritable Who’s Who of German H2 discussed the future opportunities of the hydrogen sector in the Lusatia, Central German and Rhenish regions.