The Fight Against Corona Has German Biotech Booming

Our video looks at what makes Germany such an excellent location in the field – for the battle against Covid-19 and other deadly diseases.

Hydrogen Is Remaking Germany’s Coal Power Regions

This video looks at three soon to be former coal-producing regions currently undergoing transformation – and the business opportunities they offer.

The Agreement Behind Germany’s New Government Policies

The basis of the policies of Germany’s new government is a 177-page coalition agreement. What’s in it? We look at four areas: climate action, digitalization, biotech and health, and industry. Watch our video!

Germany’s Esports Business is a Big Winner

It’s bright, brash and worth BILLIONS. If you’re in sports and entertainment, you need to know about esports. Its popularity rivals that of traditional sports and is growing by leaps and bounds. Cities like Berlin and Cologne are European hubs of this future-oriented sector. Watch our video!

Germany – The European Heart of Life Sciences

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has thrown a spotlight on the importance of world-class health industries. That’s precisely what Germany has – although there’s plenty of room for innovative international companies to do business in the country’s massive lifesciences market.

Germany’s Growing Market for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Revolutionary new techniques have reduced recovery times from surgical operations to previously unimaginable levels. But as our new video shows, there’s no end to the innovations in one of the world leading healthcare markets, Germany.

The Hydrogen Republic of Germany

Germany is investing billions to become to the world leader in hydrogen energy production. And your business can be part of what’s been called the “Hydrogen Republic of Germany.” Watch our new video!

Germany’s Medical Biotechnology Industry

There are a lot of reasons to set up shop in Germany, if you’ve got a medical biotechnology business. It’s the center of the sector in Europe and at the heart of the industry worldwide, as our new video discusses.

Germany’s Growing Market for Meatless

The trend toward veganism and vegetarianism is creating tons of business opportunities for international companies with a presence in Germany. Watch our video!

Why Germany is the right location for YOUR start-up

In the past Germany was known more for innovation than disruption. But as the German government’s aerospace coordinator and commissioner for digital industry and startups, Thomas Jarzombek, tells us, that’s changing fast. The state is putting tens of billion of euros of funding into innovative young businesses, and yours could be one of them. Check out our new video!