Australian Battery Firm to Build Pilot Facility in Western Germany

Australia’s Pure Battery Technology (PBT) is set to commence construction of a new test plant in the city of Hagen in early 2023. The facility will produce primary cathode material.

German Start-Up Makes Human Tissue With 3D Printer

It’s an innovation that fires the imagination and could have massive medical potential. Young Berlin company Cellbricks has successfully employed additive manufacturing to create simple, living human tissue.

Diversification Will Secure the Future of Business in Germany

Whether its supply chains or markets, companies in Germany are diversifying in response to the many disruptions of the past couple of years. The trend applies to practically all sectors in the German economy and is opening up business opportunities for new players. This video explores the ongoing changes.

Siemens Gamesa Builds World Record Wind Turbine

Spanish-German company Siemens has constructed a prototype wind turbine that could redefine the standards for wind electricity generation.

Autonomous Mobility in Germany Shifts into High Gear

On road and rail, in the air and at sea, autonomous vehicles will be a major element of future mobility in Germany. Watch our video!

Three-Quarters of German Homes are Heat-Pump-Compatible

A new study has found that 75 percent of residential buildings in Germany are capable of using one form or another of heat-pump technology.

Germany to Get World Record Electricity “Grid Booster”

Erlangen company Fluence Energy and TransnetBW, the transmission system operator in the regional state of Baden-Württemberg, have announced the start of work on 250 megawatt battery-based energy storage-as-transmission project.

Chinese Battery Maker SVOLT Expands German Presence

One of the global leaders in battery technology and energy storage systems, SVOLT Energy Technology from China, will be building a production facility in the town of Lauchhammer in the eastern German state of Brandenburg.

Growth Spurt for Greentech

Germany’s efforts to transition to a sustainable economy have provided a major boost to funding for greentech start-ups. International companies are flocking to Germany to benefit from the boom in environmental technology and generous government incentives.

German Startups Recycling Used Company Computers

Many companies and institutions regularly update their electronic hardware, replacing devices that are no longer state-of-the-art but are still perfectly functional. Startups have recognized a niche: repairing and recycling equipment for users who don’t need to be on the absolute cusp of the latest technology.