Researchers Use DNA Analysis to Diagnose Beethoven’s Cause of Death

An international research team has cleared up some of the mystery surrounding the death of Ludwig van Beethoven at the age of 56 in 1827.

Trading on Complexity

More and more start-ups in Germany are working on deeptech solutions – based on fundamentally new scientific-technological approaches and know-how. International businesses are already starting to benefit from this new wave of innovation.

Amazon Opens New R&D Center in Southwestern Germany

Online retail colossus Amazon has opened its fourth German research and development center in Germany in the city of Tübingen. The center will work closely with local universities and research institutions.

German Researchers Develop Laser Ship-Cleaning System

The mussels, algae and other marine organism that accumulate on the hulls of sea vessels, also known as biofouling, are a major problem. Scientists from the Laser Zentrum Hannover (LZH), The Laserline company and Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials Research IFAM have come up with a new remedy. Its secret – lasers.

German Researchers Devise Cheaper Procedure for Nanoscale Filming

Scientists at Kiel University in northern Germany have developed a new method of capturing ultra-fast nano-processes, such as an electron orbiting the core of hydrogen atom, on film.

First German AI Test Hub Opens in Frankfurt

Artificial intelligence is growing in importance throughout the German economy, and now companies will be able to experiment in Germany with its limitless possibilities.

Berlin Scientists Set Solar Cell Efficiency Record

32.5 percent – that’s the new world best mark for a tandem solar system converting incident solar radiation into energy.

German Firm Constructs Contactless Fingerprint Scanner

The biometrics start-up from the eastern German city of Jena has just received EUR 10 million from the European Commission’s EIC Accelerator program for a fingerprint scanning system that requires no physical contact.

3D Printing Firm Kicks Off One-Billion German Start-Up Fund

The German government’s DeepTech & Climate Fund (DTCF), which will dole out as much as EUR one billion to fledgling companies the years to come, has made its first investment. The Berlin additive manufacturing company xolo will receive EUR eight million in public and private support.

Luther Promotes Lithium

Research center will promote lithium-based technologies .