Anti-Ageing Cell Receptors

Increasing abdominal girth – better known as the middle-aged spread – and shrinking muscles are two unpleasant side effects of growing older. But in experiments with mice, researchers at the University of Bonn say that have identified cell “antennas,” so-called A2B receptors, that encourage the body to burn fat instead of storing it.

Better Brain Check

Researchers at Carl von Ossietsky University in the northern German city of Oldenburg have successfully tested a brain-monitoring device that could replace conventional encephalography (EEG).

Disinfecting Ambulances

Germany’s renowned Fraunhofer Institute and the vehicle equipping company BINZ Ambulance- und Umwelttechnik have come up with a system for disinfecting emergency service vehicles using UVC light.

Speedy Business

New software from Hamburg start-up Baqend allows commercial websites to operate between twice and ten times faster.

German-led Research Team Links Covid-19 to Blood Group

The world-renowned New England Journal of Medicine has published a European study by a research team at the Christian Albrecht University of Kiel in northern Germany that found blood type may hold a key to people’s susceptibility to coronavirus-related illnesses.

German Government Invests Big in CureVac

The federal government in Germany is putting up EUR 300 million to acquire a 23 percent share of biotech company CureVac. The firm from the southwestern German city of Tübingen is one of the most high-profile enterprises in the world currently research a vaccine against the coronavirus.

Germany Announces Billion-Euro Hydrogen Strategy

The country’s governing cabinet has agreed a plan aimed at massively increasing environmentally produced “green hydrogen” energy both domestically and abroad.

German Ministry Invests Record Sum in Corona Vaccine Development

Germany’s Ministry of Education and Research is putting up to EUR 750 million into national efforts to develop a coronavirus vaccine. This money comes on top of what Germany is already investing in international efforts to come up with a vaccine.

Cleaner Fuel for Ships

German researchers have announced they are now capable of producing a novel renewable biofuel for use in ships.