Japanese Investment for Berlin

On a visit to the Japanese capital in May, Berlin’s mayor announced that Japanese company Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) would be investing more than a hundred million of euros in his city in the years to come.

Swiss Investments Boom in Germany

Swiss firms set a new record in 2018, investing around €10 billion in German companies. That represented a whopping 50% increase over 2017, according to the German-Swiss Chamber of Commerce.

Polish Entrepreneurs in Berlin

More and more Polish entrepreneurs – in fields ranging from fintech to medical technology to augmented reality – are coming to Berlin to realize their innovative ideas.

Northern Highlights

Historically, Finland and Germany have strong relations and a similar business culture, making them natural business partners. Marc Lehnfeld, Director of Germany Trade & Invest’s Helsinki office, talks to us about working with Europe’s northeast territories.

Japanese Investments

Yaskawa and Nissha Group invested in their German sites.

The Italian Connection

How two great manufacturing nations are working closely together to drive growth and advise companies wanting to do business in Italy and Germany.