New Electricity App

Can consumers save money by running appliances and charging batteries when electricity prices are lowest? Tibber says they can, and this spring the Norwegian start-up brought its services to Germany.

Connecting Carers

Champagne corks are popping at Berlin start-up Medwing as the fledgling medtech company took in EUR 28 million in series B funding. The investors were led by Cathay Capital from San Francisco – it’s the first time Cathay has invested in a German company. Also involved are the VCs Northzone, Cherry Ventures and Atlantic Labs.

Combatting Migraines

Migraines seriously reduce the quality of life for millions of people, and there is unfortunately no cure. Berlin start-up Newsenselab, however, has developed an app called M-sense that helps migraine sufferers better manage their condition.

Monitoring Money Laundering

One problem faced by today’s banks is false alarms about money laundering. German start-up Hawk AI offers help in the form of artificial-intelligence software that can spot illegal practices with greater accuracy.

Corona: German Startups Defying the Crisis and Raising Money

The corona lockdown in Germany has hit smaller businesses particularly hard, but as the German edition of Business Insider recently researched, a surprising number of fledgling companies are bucking the trend and attracting millions in investment capital.

New App Relieves Insect Bites

Three young entrepreneurs from southwestern Germany have come up with a device to relieve the discomfort of insect stings using the principle of hyperthermia.

Foreign Start-Ups in the German Energy Market

Interview with GTAI-expert Marlen Brüntrup published on “Start Up Energy Transition (SET)”, a global innovation platform supporting innovation in energy transition, powered by the German Energy Agency (dena), in cooperation with the World Energy Council.

“Forest Gum” – the Organic Chewing Gum

Forest Gum contains no sugar, artificial aromas, synthetic additives or plastic.

Mass Production of Stem Cells

Stem cells are a vital element in biotechnology research, but so far they have been difficult to mass produce. Dresden start-up denovoMATRIX wants to change all that.

Germany Announces €2 Billion Startup “Booster” to Combat Coronavirus Impact

The German government is readying a massive cash injection to help innovative young companies ride out economic difficulties.