Tier Scooters Sweep Up $250 Million

Japanese high-tech investor Softbank is putting USD 250 million into the German firm “Tier” and its fleet of vaguely fluorescent aquamarine vehicles

Berlin Fintech Vivid Raises €15m

Start-up Vivid Money is less than a year old, but the financial platform from the German capital is already making headlines. The company has just raised a cool EUR 15 million in Series A financing.

Berlin Startup Launches Powerpoint Alternative

A business presentation solution that allows multiple users to work on slides simultaneously and remotely via chatroom – that’s the idea behind Pitch. The fledgling Berlin company’s product has now been officially launched, and developers are touting it as a rival Microsoft’s Powerpoint.

“Air-quality solutions need to get more dynamic”

CEO Robert Heinecke of Breeze, the winner of the first de:Hub Startup Games competition in July, talks about what the event meant to his company and how it’s trying to improve the quality of the air we all breathe.

Hydrogen Start-Up Enapter to Enter Mass Production

Saerbeck in the western German state of North-Rhine Westphalia is a modest-sized town of 7200 inhabitants, but it’s about to become a very big address in the hydrogen sector. That’s after Italian-Thai company Enapter announced it will begin mass production of its modular Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) electrolyzers there.

Remote Learning Made Simple

One million users a month – not bad for a fledgling company whose founders not so long ago struggled to earn ten euros on Youtube in that time span.

Medtecs Head List of German Start-Up Financing Winners

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic restrictions, some companies managed to buck the trend and reel in some serious capital. Not surprisingly, they were led by medtechs, including the two firms widely known for working on Covid-19 vaccines.

AI for Clean Air

Hawa Dawa means “air purity” in several languages – which makes it an appropriate name for a multicultural company associated with Munich’s Technical University that is devoted to combatting air pollution.

Germany’s Fastest Growing Start-Ups

Which sectors are best negotiating corona-related business challenges in Germany? One good indication is Business Insider newspaper’s list of the country’s 100 fastest growing start-ups.

Reusable Packaging

Online retail is booming, with some 3.65 billion packages being sent in Germany in 2019 and that figure likely to rise considerably because of the coronavirus pandemic. This has led to a veritable deluge of packaging waste – a problem German French start-up LivingPackets aims to solve with something called, simply, The Box.