Ten-in-One Electric Vehicle

Lots of motor vehicles try to appeal to customers with their flexibility, but new German automaker Electric Brands is considerably raising the bar. The firm’s eBussy is a small, modular electric vehicle that can be reassembled into pick-up trucks, capers and vans of no fewer than ten different shapes and sizes.

Robotic Clean-up

The Swiss have a reputation for being able to make everything run like clockwork. So leave it them to come up with an automated solution to sweeping up German streets and warehouses.

Start-Up Games Winner

On July 23, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy’s Digital Hub Initiative – together with the Dutch group The Next Web – hosted its first-ever “Start-Up Games.” The event saw innovative fledgling businesses pitching ideas to international investors. And the winner was Hamburg’s Breeze Technologies.

Reducing Plastic Waste

One source of the plastic waste that is increasingly endangering the environment, particularly in the world’s oceans, are detergent and cleaning solvent containers. German company Ecotab is trying to do something about that.

SETting the Agenda

The German Energy Ardency (dena), supported by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, has launched a new initiative aimed at boosting start-ups working toward Germany’s intended transition to clean sources of power and mobility.

Online Fraud Detector

Online retail has been booming as a result of coronavirus lockdowns – and with it fraud and copyright infringement. German start-up Sentryc offers a potential remedy.

Cashless Craze in Germany

The company KOALA has developed an app allowing customers to scan the prices of items themselves when they take them down from shelves. That allows shoppers to skip waiting in line at check-out counters.

Ada Health: Strategic Partnership with Samsung

The concept of Ada Health has convinced the 500-million-euro strong Catalyst Fund at Samsung to conclude a strategic partnership with the Berlin start-up.

Indian and German Start-Ups Cooperate

Technology and IT support will benefit Germany.