Celonis Becomes Germany’s First Decacorn

August 2022

Process mining and optimization company Celonis from Munich has become the first start-up in Germany to crack the EUR 10 billion valuation mark. This was after receiving a EUR 500 million line of credit and EUR 400 million in venture capital from the Qatari state-run Qatar Investment Authority.

This massive influx bucks the slowdown in large investments in startups during 2022. Celonis says it’s seen no decrease in demand either from customers, which include Telekom, Siemens and Deutsche Bank, or capital providers.

“We see an unbelievable chance, especially in the market environment right now, to continue investing, attracting top talents and being active in the area of acquisitions,” Celonis co-chairman Bastian Nominacher told business newspaper Handelbsblatt.

Celonis is now worth an estimated EUR 13 billion, EUR four billion more than Germany’s second most valuable start-up, neu-bank N26.

The founders of Celonis © Deutscher Zukunftspreis