Chinese Trio in Düsseldorf

January 2020

The western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia is welcoming not one, not two, but three Chinese technology companies: OPPO, VIVO und Xiaomi. With that trio and Huawei, the capital Düsseldorf has landed four of the six largest smart phone producers in the world.

“These investments show how important the German market has become for Chinese technology firms,” says North Rhine-Westphalia Economy and Digital Minister Andreas Pinkwart. “The new mobile communications standard 5G offers companies enormous opportunities to earn money. At the same time, various opportunities – be they smart solutions for consumers or the digital networking of production processes – are arising for North Rhine Westphalia.”

Local officials say the advantages to NRW as a business location include its robust market, relative affluence and broad business environment, including the major mobile phone service providers and network equippers.

Düsseldorf © Nicooografie on Pixabay