Combatting Migraines

May 2020

Migraines seriously reduce the quality of life for millions of people, and there is unfortunately no cure. Berlin start-up Newsenselab, however, has developed an app called M-sense that helps migraine sufferers better manage their condition.

User keep a virtual log of attacks, symptoms and triggers and receive medical advice on possible treatments. Some 240,000 sufferers had downloaded the app as of late 2019.

Newsenselab is currently working on getting the app official approved so that it can be prescribed by physicians in Germany. The company has attracted financial support in the millions of euros from international investors including High-Tech Gründerfonds, Think.Health, the Noaber Foundation and the venture capital funds Technologie Berlin and IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft.

“We expect that the M-sense app will help sufferers significantly improve their quality of life,” says IBB Investment Director Ute Mercker. “Management know-how and the positive feedback from users convinced us that M-sense is optimally positioned.”

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