Converting Telephone Booths to Charging Stations

February 2019

In a clever take on repurposing, Deutsche Telekom has come up with a novel idea to make more charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles available alongside German streets while putting some underused infrastructure to good use.

In the next three years, Germany’s telecommunications giant plans to set up 100 fast-chargers nationwide on which electric vehicles can refuel enough energy in 10 minutes to take them 100 kilometers as well as “destination charging points” that supply enough power in one hour for a range of 50-75 kilometers. The stations will be housed in some of the roughly 20,000 telephone columns and booths as well as gray cable distribution boxes, which have grown less necessary as consumers increasingly migrate to mobile telephony. In fact, Telekom believes that up to 10,000 of them could be upgraded to charging stations.

Working with its subsidiary Comfort Charge, Telekom has put prototypes into operation in Bonn and Darmstadt, and it is in talks with municipalities about reserving space for two vehicles in front of potential charging stations.

© Deutsche Telekom