Inside the Cube

February 2020

There are smart buildings, and then there’s the cube in Berlin – at least in terms of what this new building project near the German capital’s main train station promises.

The futuristic structure with its glass façade offers some 17,000 square meters of living and working space that developers claim is able to learn and anticipate the desires of its occupants. The building itself is capable of networking with the smart phones of users, and the structure’s “brain” directs everything from security robots and energy management to automated valet parking and desk- and room booking and co-working spaces.

The project’s planners say this level of interactivity will lead to considerable increases in efficiency, for example, by allowing a company with 100 employees to use only 70 workspaces since the entire workforce is rarely present at one time. The cube is scheduled to open in the spring of 2020.

cube berlin © CA Immo Deutschland GmbH