Czechs Invest More in Germany than Russians or Chinese

January 2020

The Czech Republic may be relatively small compared to its neighbor Germany, but Czechs definitely think big when investing across the border.

Czech company Accolade Holding, for instance, has acquired part of the property of the former Opel car production plant in Bochum and a site in the western German town of Aisdorf, where a logistics company will be located.

“There’s no disputing the significance of the German market,” Accolade boss Milan Kratina told Die Welt newspaper. “It a very liquid market, which is very advantageous to our sort of business.”

The investment stock from the Czech Republic in Germany was 7.2 billion euros, far more than the stocks from other eastern European countries like Poland or Hungary, and even more than the Russians or Chinese invested in Germany so far. Other large-scale Czech investors have bought up everything from natural gas storage facilities and automotive parts companies to industrial bakeries and power stations.

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