Plasma Decontamination

February 2020

Researchers working in the collaborative project “MoPlasDekon,” sponsored by German Ministry of Education and Research, have come up with a new process for decontaminating people and objects. It uses dielectric barrier discharge plasma to rid surfaces of bacteria and other pathogens.

The technology isn’t new, but the delivery system is. The scientists, under the direction of Alexander Knospe, have come up with a 25-kilogram portable system that can be run on a battery.

The research team successfully demonstrated the prototype in late July and hope it will soon go into serial production. The new decontamination process could replace conventional showers in harsh chemicals, which can be unreliable and harm the environment.

MoPlasDekon is a collaboration between the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV and the private companies Plasmatreat and m-u-t.

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